Bill Roberts
Business Director

Bill Roberts, Director in the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Practice, has over 20 years’ experience helping manufacturers apply analytics to solve a wide range of business problems. At SAS, Bill has held the Global Client Executive position for DaimlerChrysler, helped establish and lead the SAS Automotive Practice, and contributed to the development and success of SAS solutions across Demand, Quality, and Aftermarket Service. In his current position, Bill plays a key role in developing a robust portfolio of solutions around supply chain analytics. His team is responsible for directing the technology investment, educating the SAS community on the solutions, and supporting the field sales organization with domain expertise. Prior to SAS, Bill worked with city and county governments, supporting key technology capabilities around finance, HR, public works, and public safety

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Using analytics to detect product defects

Companies have become obsessed with product quality – and for good reason. Customer dynamics, their willingness to expose product quality issues socially on the web, and the ease with which they can jump to competitive products make quality a more important differentiator than ever before. Over the past 15 years,