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SAS Forum Deutschland - Gastbeitrag von Accenture zu BCBS 239 und die Anforderungen an die Datenqualität

Die Erfahrung aus Lehman Brothers oder dem Zahlungsausfall bei griechischen Staatsanleihen hat gezeigt, dass die bisherigen bankinternen Strukturen zur Steuerung der Institute nicht mehr der Vielzahl an Marktänderungen gerecht werden. Im Januar 2013 veröffentlichte das Basel Committee on Banking Supervision die „Grundsätze für die effektive Aggregation von Risikodaten und die Risikoberichterstattung“

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Why big data analytics now?

A current media hype phrase used to describe the ever-growing volume and size of corporate information is "big data." SAS hosts an annual series of business leadership conferences that bring together industry thought leaders, innovators, world leaders, challengers and inspirational speakers to discuss the dynamics needed for a competitive future.

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What I really want is a speed boat not a tanker

SAS recently commissioned the Wall Street Journal to conduct a survey of top manufacturing executives. In this study, we were interested to know what were the top of mind issues or initiatives that they were considering. Nearly ninety percent of the respondents are employed in a managerial position or higher.

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SAS and Accenture: why it matters

The last time I mentioned Accenture on this blog, I linked to their recent survey results, which show that companies are recognizing the value of predictive analytics – and are planning for it. What does that mean for business analytics vendors? In a lot of ways, it means business leaders

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It's not too late for predictive insight

Last week was a busy one in the world of business analytics. The biggest news for SAS is our ranking as a leader in predictive analytics and data mining by an independent analyst firm. In The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010, SAS earned top overall