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12 bestselling SAS books of 2012

With their mass SAS appeal, these twelve books packed a powerful punch in 2012. From SAS and JMP basics to more advanced applications, to SAS certification, to business intelligence - these titles cover a range of users' interests. Did you use any of these titles this year? Do you have any predictions for popular book topics

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What SAS users are reading this fall: early book buzz

Forget the New York Times bestseller list. We’ve created our own lists for book-bound SAS and JMP users. Besides featuring the top 5 bestselling SAS books at September conferences (WUSS, JMP Discovery, and MWSUG), we’ve provided greater insight by including comments from some observant Publications representatives. WUSS 2012 Carpenter's Guide to

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Clustering Olympic medalists in JMP

Now the summer has begun, Olympic fever is starting to rise in many countries. In the meantime I took a look at www.databaseolympics.com to the results of last summer Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing. I wondered if it would be possible to discover patterns in those data when they

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SAS author's tip: Using JMP to compare two variances

If you're using JMP, please read on. This week's tip is from Professor Robert Carver and his popular book Practical Data Analysis with JMP. To read a free chapter and reviews of the book, visit Robert's author page.  The following excerpt is from SAS Press author Robert Carver and his book "Practical Data Analysis with JMP" Copyright ©

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An even better book: JMP Start Statistics

My first thoughts on hearing that we’d be bringing out a new edition of JMP Start Statistics were, “But how do we improve on an already great book? What could be better?” JMP Start Statistics has been such a big success with JMP users for a long time, so the authors

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SAS author's tip: the Student t-distribution

Remarkably, this week's tip was initially inspired by the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. In his new book Statistical Analysis for Business Using JMP, Professor Willbann Terpening provides lots of useful information - including the origin and usage of the Student t-distribution. If you'd like to get to know Willbann and

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10 ways statistical thinking improves business processes

Our newest book in the Wiley and SAS Business Series, Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Second Edition, has been called “probably the most practical basic statistics textbook that has ever been written within a business context.”* It prepares readers for business leadership by developing their capacity to apply statistical thinking to