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You can write a script for that …

When I first started teaching JMP classes for SAS Education 10 years ago, I sat in to observe a colleague teaching our introductory JMP data exploration course. The students had lots of questions about using JMP for their own projects, and were excited to learn about all the capabilities of

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The Most Unusual Way You’ve Learned JMP

How do you learn best? In your sleep, when the unconscious mind is most receptive to suggestions? Calling to the “powers that be” for one of those “aha” moments when everything just sinks in? Swearing to your parents that you were actually studying when you came up with this plan?

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10 new SAS books

Are any of these stellar books on your shopping list? Our 10 latest titles cover the spectrum from analytics to programming to statistics—and come from industry leaders, as well as top SAS and JMP experts. If you like to sample before you buy, you’ll find an accompanying free excerpt with

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