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How my SAS Press book was born

This guest blog post comes from Dr. David Dickey, one of our original SAS Press authors. Hope you enjoy! In the late 1970s, shortly after SAS was founded, I was approached by Herbert Kirk and John  Brocklebank from SAS to put together a course on time series.  This was reasonably

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Beyond traditional forecasting

David Corliss of Ford Motor Co. is currently writing a book about clustering methods in time series analysis. I caught up with him at the Analytics 2014 conference in Las Vegas last month (where he was also presenting on this topic) to talk about these methods and why he decided

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Analytics 2014: Shopping and forecasting

Giovanni Monopoli is the Strategic Analysis and Financial Planning Manager within the Finance Department at QVC Italy. Next month, he’ll be presenting at the Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt, Germany about how the broadcast channel uses analytics – specifically SAS Forecast Studio. With live broadcasts 17 hours a day, QVC

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Getting answers with econometrics

Someone once boiled down econometrics for me by explaining -- it’s all about answering the “why.” It’s especially important for companies wanting to know the answers to important questions like… Why are customers buying this product? Why are customers not buying my product? If you’re ready to start investigating the

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