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Day Two Recap from Analytics 2011

Well Analytics 2011 is officially a wrap. (OK, that’s not completely true, we still have 3 days of post-conference training left to deliver to around 300 attendees.) Now that we’ve reached the end of the event, I can say the conference was a tremendous success in so many ways. Most

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Day One at SAS Analytics 2011

Day one of SAS' Analytics 2011 conference is in the books and wow, what a great opening day. As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, Anaytics 2011 is SAS' analytics conference and covers all areas of analytics, including forecasting, data mining, visualization, text mining, and optimization. When I took the stage this morning (with

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Greetings from Analytics 2011

Hello everyone. My name is Jerry Oglesby and I’m the Sr. Director of SAS’ Global Academic and Certification Program and the co-chair of SAS’ 14th annual analytics conference, Analytics 2011. For those of you joining us in Orlando starting today (Monday), we’ve put together an impressive program for you and

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Moving standard deviation

Dear Miss SAS Answers, I am having a tough time developing SAS code to determine volatility ( i.e.: the moving standard deviation using GARCH approach). I need a conditional volatility measure of exchange rate from past 40 years. I have data from the past 50 years, and I would like to determine volatility using

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The Business Forecasting Deal

Contributed by Mike Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager Having a job in business forecasting is sort of like being in county lockup – only without the benefit of cuddly bunkmates and weekly delousing. Most of those in the job want out, and those who remain in the field possess psychological maladies