3 reasons you need the new edition of PROC TABULATE by Example


PROC_TabulateWhat prompted me to find a co-author and write a new edition of my original book on PROC TABULATE? It’s those inventive developers at SAS. They keep adding new features to make the product even better.  There are too many new features and techniques in the book to name, but these are my top three reasons why you need to check out the new content:

  1. Percentages are now much easier

When I wrote the original book, to use percentages you had to figure out the denominator definitions by yourself. That created an entire chapter of complex explanations.  Now you can use ROWPCTN, ROWPCTSUM, COLPCTN, and COLPCTSUM to do row and column percentages with ease. The new edition shows how you can use these new statistic keywords to create clear and informative tables.

  1. The Output Delivery System (ODS) has matured as a product

There are so many new ways you can use ODS today. In the original book, written based on SAS v7, ODS was in its infancy and users were just beginning to understand its power. Today, with continued development at SAS, and many creative ideas contributed by users online and at conferences, this section is greatly expanded with new ways to make your output more professional and powerful.

  1. New tricks and cheats

No matter how good the developers at SAS, the SAS user community is always one step ahead. The new version of the chapter "PROC TABULATE Tricks: How to Cheat to Create Complex Tables” is full of ways to create customized output using clever workarounds.

Visit the book page for additional information, reviews and a free book excerpt.


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Lauren Haworth Lake

Applications Developer

Lauren Haworth Lake, an applications developer based in San Francisco, has over a decade of experience with the SAS System. She has been using the Output Delivery System since the first beta version was released in 1998. As the author of the popular SAS programming book, PROC TABULATE by Example, Lauren brings expert writing and programming skills to her newest SAS book.

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  1. Lauren,

    Congratulations on the publication of the second edition of your classic book; PROC TABULATE by Example! I am a huge fan of the first edition of your book and will definitely purchase the update. In fact, I recommend your book as one of the "must have" SAS books SAS programming professionals should have on page 71 of my own book: How to Become A Top SAS Programmer.

    I am sure that the second edition will become the new go-to on PROC TABULATE.

    aka Michael A. Raithel

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