Celebrate your own free copy of my book "Building Business Intelligence Using SAS"


Well, we can't really afford to give everyone a free copy of the Building Business Intelligence Using SAS: Content Development Examples. But copies will be presented to two randomly selected participants of today's AllAnalytics.com eChat! Then you can be a part of the celebrations!

Celebrating #SASBIBook

Yes, that's right! People have been so wonderful they have been sharing their excitement about the book, even one twitter colleague got help from his son!

Mark your calendars for 2pm Eastern Today Friday February 24, 2012

eChat is via Web Browser (recommend using Internet Explorer) at: http://www.allanalytics.com/messages.asp?piddl_msgthreadid=246154

Tip: If you are new to AllAnalytics.com, set up your username & password before the event so you can ask those burning questions about the SAS BI toolset! Maybe you are considering a purchase and you want some advise? Maybe you are just getting started with the tools and have an issue that is stumping you? It's going to be a fun e-chat! I know the readers are active and curious - certainly they will keep us on our toes!


About Author

Angela Hall

Senior Technical Architect

Angela offers tips on using the SAS Business Intelligence solutions. She manages a team of SAS Fraud Framework implementers within the SAS Solutions On-Demand organization. Angela also has co-written two books, 'Building BI using SAS, Content Development Examples' & 'The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes'.

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  1. Angela,

    I was delighted to win a copy of Building Business Intelligence Using SAS; now that I've read it I'm recommending it to all my BI users. What a clear, well-written book! Congratulations to you and Tricia Aanderud.

  2. Arshad Ali Leghari on

    Dear Angela,
    I am doing my last semester of Masters in Computer and System Sciences, from Stockholm University, Sweden. So I have to do the thesis project in the area of Business Intelligence. And I'm searching any interesting research question for doing thesis on that. So in that regard can you please tell me any open research question or any challenges or any idea for me so that i can start my thesis on that.
    I can be reached anytime via email or telephone.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this.

    • Angela Hall

      There are several components that you could research. Here are a few ideas of mine:
      1. Challenges to Implementations, Behavior vs. Value
      2. What constitutes value, or how should one prioritize and focus on converting data into true intelligence
      3. Differences between Organizational Structures to support business intelligence frameworks (pros/cons between role based, skills based or department based organization structures)

      Does anyone else have some BI Thesis ideas for Arshad?

    • I would suggest that you look at these sites for some ideas All Analytics.COM. Here's some things they have discussed recently that might give you some ideas:
      Big data is becoming an issue. Where it's coming from, what can we do with it, etc.

      1. Prediction of shortage of people who can do real data analysis from the big data - thus no one to gather this business intelligence.
      2. Can you find case studies where BI has been successfully implemented?
      3. Do these dashboards really work? Are they worth anything?
      4. Privacy issues around big data.

      For instance, where we live the toll road takes a picture of our license plate and later you are sent a bill unless you have pre-purchased a pass that they can match to your license plate. All this really means is that the state is now tracking everytime I come and go on that road. Maybe I would prefer to hand them a dollar instead.

      Maybe those thoughts will spark an idea. You'll have to send us your thesis once it's complete!

      • Arshad Ali Leghari on

        Big data could mean different things. what exactly you want me to focus on. Sometimes it means just the velocity of data, sometimes unstructured data from the social web etc.

        • Angela Hall

          Maybe that is what you focus on, what does "Big Data" truly mean? Or is it just a new buzz word used by marketing?

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