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Welcome to SAS Training Post, the official blog of SAS Training & Certification! My name is Michele Reister and I am the social media manager for SAS Education. This blog will be a channel to provide you with value-add educational content to help you be a better SAS user. You’ll hear from SAS instructors on tips & tricks for using SAS. You’ll also hear from the SAS Certification team about advancing your career with our certified professional credentials. We’ve got a tremendous team of regular contributors already lined up and there will be more to come.

When we introduced the idea of a training blog from SAS Education, we asked our SAS users to help us name the blog. I want to thank everyone who voted on the name of our blog or who submitted other suggestions for us to consider. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Steven Burnite who suggested one of the more creative names, Proc Blog. Although I loved the name Proc Blog, I was asked to say it ten times fast. Not so easy. Go ahead. You try. At the end of the day we settled on SAS Training Post, which received the highest number of votes.

We also asked what kind of content you would like to see on our blog. Here are some of the suggestions we received:

  • Links to other useful sites, tips, information about upcoming events. Yes, we will definitely cover this. To begin, it's not too late to register for the F2010 Business Forecasting Conference happening June 7-8 in Cary, NC at SAS Headquarters.
  • Examples analyzing complex survey designs with regression, ANOVA, etc. Our instructor Cat Truxillo is an expert at survey designs will be a regular contributor to the blog.
  • How to program more efficiently. Stay tuned to read posts from Mike Kalt, a SAS programming instructor.
  • Scenarios that SAS users come across and the thought process behind solving them with SAS. I love this idea. If there are any SAS users out there who want to guest blog and share your SAS challenges and solutions, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch.
  • List of SAS procs and options. Great recommendation – have you seen the SAS Procedures by Name or SAS Procedures by Product directories?
  • SAS consultant job links. We probably won’t talk much about job openings on this blog, but members of the SAS Training group on LinkedIn often post job openings. And of course, you can always see the latest SAS jobs on our Web site.

These suggestions are great. Keep ‘em coming! And, feel free to post a comment on the blog, send us 140 characters on Twitter or post a message on our Facebook fan page. This blog and our entire social media strategy will revolve around you – so tell us what do you want to know? How can we add value to your experience as a SAS user?


About Author

Michele Reister

Marketing Specialist

Michele Reister has worked in the Education Division at SAS since 2004. During that time she has played many roles including marketing training courses, developing product bundles, managing conferences and overseeing the division’s discount programs. Currently, she is responsible for the division’s social media strategy. Michele holds a BS in Management and Information Technology from Daniel Webster College and an MBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Michele is a perpetual student herself and is constantly looking for better ways to serve SAS’ user population. When she’s not expanding her knowledge of marketing, Michele enjoys group fitness classes, cooking, volunteering, reading and chasing after her two children.

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  1. I am unable to import data from either excel or Access either through syntax or wizard. Whenever I try, it brings an error that connection failed. See log files for details, and below is the error in the log.
    I have even uninstalled and re-installed SAS but the behavior persist, can somebody help
    Error: Connect: 0
    Error: Error in Lbname statement

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