Mike Kalt
Technical Training Specialist

Mike Kalt is an instructor and course developer at SAS Institute. His most recent course development project is “Producing Maps with SAS/GRAPH”, which he highly recommends.

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What Didn't Stay in Vegas

Just flew back from Vegas, and boy, are my arms tired! (ba-dump) If you attended SAS Global Forum, you probably learned a lot of things you didn't know. But if you were a SAS employee, you also learned a lot of things you didn't know. One of the perks of

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Can SAS/GRAPH Get You a Gig in Vegas?

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry titled "SAS/GRAPH "SG" Procedures--Not Just for Statisticians!" It was so well received that I was invited to open for Celine Dion at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas! Well, not really, but I was invited (along with co-blogger Cynthia Zender) to give

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Why Can't SAS Read My CSV file?

Many SAS users receive data in the form of CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, and need to convert them to SAS data sets. A typical record in a CSV file might look like this: Jeter,Derek,1995,,234,”22,600,000” Note the following about the record above: There is no data for the fourth field,

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Short on time, but need to learn?

Those of you who have anxiously been awaiting the next installments in my "What is there to do in Cary?" series may have noticed a distinct lack of output over the last month or so. This is due to the fact that I have been forced to spend my time

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So, You're Going to Cary--Where to Eat? (Part 2)

In my previous post, I provided some dining choices within walking distance of the hotels near SAS. If you have access to a car or a taxi, your dining possibilties are virtually endless. In this post I'll focus on restaurants in the Cary area, within a 5-15 minute drive from

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So, You're Going to Cary--Where to Eat? (Part 1)

UPDATE--Since the original post, I have added a new restaurant (Bella Mia Coal Fired Pizza) to the list of "more affordable" restaurants below. In my last post, I offered some advice on where to stay if you're coming to SAS Headquarters in Cary for training. But let's face it--when I

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So, You're Going to Cary--Where to Stay?

In my last post, I promised a series of tips on where to stay, what to eat, and what to do if you come to Cary for SAS training. In this segment, I'll cover the logistics of arrival and lodging. For those of you awaiting dining and entertainment information, I'm

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What Time Do They Roll Up the Sidewalks in Cary?

When you travel as much as a typical SAS instructor, you get to be an expert on hotels, restaurants and entertainment. Anyone can figure out where to eat or what to do in downtown Chicago or in Manhattan, but it takes a dedicated traveler to show you where the action

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