Willie the Seeing Eye Dog
SAS Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology

Willie the Seeing Eye dog has been part of the SAS Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology team for four years. He helps Software Development Manager Ed Summers get around SAS Corporate Headquarters without breaking his neck. He plans to blog about his many adventures with Ed as they work to ensure that users of all abilities can succeed using SAS software.

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The final post

Hey Folks, This is Ed, and I have some sad news to share. A few months ago, Willie started to lose his appetite. We took him to the vet, and he was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer had progressed beyond treatment. So, we brought him home and spoiled him

Living the dream

I just wanted to check in and give my adoring fans a glimpse into a typical day of my retirement.  You didn’t think I was just going to lope off into the sunset, did you? First, I have been hanging out with Ed’s better half, Kimberly, and my best buddy,

It's been a blast!

Well, folks, I think it’s time to hang up my harness. Since 2008, I’ve navigated the pathways of SAS, visited some great places throughout North America, and taken the best care I could of my friend Ed. But 7 years is a long time (especially in dog-years). So I’m graciously

California at the cutting edge

I took another trip to California and, of course, allowed Ed to come with me. San Francisco is an amazing place to visit (especially in March when it’s cold and wet in North Carolina.) On this trip, we met with wonderful group of people, the California Transcribers and Educators for

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Farewell to 2014

Another great year is winding down. Ed and I are taking a little time off to enjoy the season and our family. I thought I'd share the latest portrait of me. (You already knew I was gorgeous; now you also know what a good sport I am.)   So, from

STEM at the museum

On Wednesday, October 15, Ed and I will be spending the morning at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It’s a great museum, and I always love going there, but that day holds an especially cool event. It’s called the STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities. (If you

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Lookout! Ed has stars in his eyes

Back in January, I told you about this amazing project that Ed was working on, and now it’s done. Get ready. It’s a textbook—a science textbook about the stars. “Say what?” you might be thinking.  Well, trust me. This book is cool! Ed has been teaming with the Space Telescope

What's the word? Quizard

Ed wants to make sure that the next generation of technology is accessible, and the best way to do that is to ensure the next generation of computer scientists understand the needs of users with disabilities. So, he and I get out of the office on a regular basis to

Hanging out with new friends

I enjoy human kids. When I’m not working, they’re a lot of fun to be around. Recently, Ed had a speaking engagement with some local students who are visually impaired. They were competing in a contest known as the Braille Challenge, sponsored by the national Braille Institute. And, wow, these

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A mountain of fun

All work and no play makes Ed a very dull boy. So, I took the family skiing last week. It was a blast. They had a good time out there shivering in the snow, doing stuff like: fall down, get up, repeat.  Not my idea of fun. I spent my

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