Waynette Tubbs
Editor, Marketing Editorial

+Waynette Tubbs is the Editor of the Risk Management Knowledge Exchange at SAS, Managing Editor of sascom Magazine and Editor of the SAS Tech Report. Tubbs has developed a comprehensive portfolio of strategic business and marketing communications during her career spanning 15 years of magazine, marketing and agency work.

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Chasing analytic talent

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Zappos and Pandora have changed what consumers expect from a brand – they want brands to “know” what they want before they ask for it. To provide those kinds of personalized products and services, brands have to collect and analyze huge quantities of customer and industry

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Are you reading the SAS Users Groups blog?

Did you know that there is a new blog devoted to SAS Users Groups? The blog is dedicated to all events that SAS users will attend, including SAS Global Forum, Phuse, SAS Forums, local users groups and regional events. Check it out. During the past couple of months, bloggers have

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How to market to the Einsteiners - Generation Z

You've heard of them - even if you haven't heard them called Generation Einsteiners yet. According to Conny Dorrestijn, Co-Founder of CrossFinance, this generation (most of them just entering high school) is the first since World War II to experience real crisis. This idea may be debated by many who see

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Six marketing trends you cannot ignore

I'm in Chicago this week for the 2011 BAI Retail Delivery. It's a retail banking conference where executives meet to discuss best practices and learn about the newest vendor solutions. I've found that many of the best practices discussed can actually be applied across industries; for example, Roger Peverelli (Co-Author of Reinventing Financial

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Partnering to fight financial crimes

"Viewed by law enforcement, there is no line between money laundering and fraud; the distinction is the underlying activity." That was Dan Wager's opening remark to his discussion of fraud convergence during the 7th Annual Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering Forum hosted in Cary, North Carolina. Wager is Senior Vice

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