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What’s the future of analytics within the enterprise architecture?

What does the future of analytics look like in your organizations enterprise architecture? Does it include thinking about a two speed approach to analytics which includes both: An agile rapidly changing analytics platform for innovation (a lab) seperated from operations and broad enterprise audience usage A slowly moving systematic enterprise analytics platform (a factory)

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Four levels of Hadoop adoption maturity

So you’ve been monitoring or are already on the journey with Hadoop -- and you’re wondering: Where are we on the adoption curve compared to the market in general? Based on my interactions with numerous companies, I want to share what I think that curve looks like so that you

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Will the skills gap kill Hadoop?

It seems that we are only just getting going with Hadoop at many companies and the prophets of doom are starting to appear. Why is it that this technology, which promises so much, is predicted to cause so much pain? In a December 2014 Wall Street Journal article, “The Joys and

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The tale of two innovation labs for big data

Recently I have been out speaking with a number of organizations about the idea of the innovation lab concept , which I discussed in a previous blog post, as the way to unleash the power of big data and make even the largest of companies as agile as a startup. During my

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