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Why analytic forecasting?

Because you are already halfway there and you should want the entire process to be data-driven, not just the historical reporting and analysis.  You are making decisions and using data to support those decisions, but you are leaving value on the table if the analytics don't carry through to forecasting.  In the

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Announcing SAS for ‘Demand Signal Analytics’

From Gartner to IDC to the trade press, the watchwords in the supply chain for rest of this decade appear to be “resiliency” and “responsiveness”. It’s not going to be about promotion-based pull-through, and it’s most definitely not going to be about channel incentive-based push-through.  What it’s going to be

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Forecasting insights from nPower

In case you weren’t aware of the importance of forecasting for a utility company, it’s really BIG. Not only are you predicting the amount of power required to keep the lights on for fickle residential customers and for complex industrial businesses, you employ hedging strategies to protect against any unforeseen

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Forecasting with 15,000 variables and 7,000 models

How does a $55 billion company get a sense of its demand when it operates in virtually every market – from paint to electronics – on a global scale? That’s the question Timothy D. Rey answered during a presentation on how his company, Dow Chemical, used a data mining approach

Advanced Analytics
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Data mining, forecasting or optimization?

What's the difference between data mining, forecasting and optimization? When should you use each technique, and how do they interact?  Jeremy TerBush, Vice President of Global Analytics, Wyndham Exchange and Rentals explains that he uses all techniques  together in an overall predictive process. "Data mining is first step in the system,"

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