SAS® Viya® has been making waves in the analytics and AI industry. SAS Viya has recently been included in G2’s annual ranking of Best Analytics and AI products for 2023, a list based partly on user feedback.

So, what are SAS users and industry analysts saying about SAS Viya? Let's look at a few quotes from the feedback:

  • "Great machine learning tool for powerful analytics."
  • “It is a great tool to consider, especially if you are dealing with large data and with SAS Viya, SAS made it possible to develop an end-to-end data science model and visualize the outcomes all at a single platform.”
  • “[SAS Viya] makes it easy to create, manage and deploy analytical models.”

One of the main draws is its end-to-end capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly move from data management and discovery to model development and deployment.

Great machine learning tool for powerful analytics - Shanketh R., SAS User

SAS Viya also offers a range of features, including data access and preparation and much more, including:

SAS Viya’s strengths don’t just show up in its product features. SAS culture and employee experience have also contributed to the ranking.

Our philosophy of treating people like they make a difference has resulted in a one-of-a-kind culture and employee experience, year-over-year revenue growth and happy employees. SAS culture impacts every aspect of our business.

Try SAS Viya for free using SAS Trials and on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. If you’re already a SAS user, you can connect with other users on SAS Communities and SAS Support.


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