Remaining resilient: Our 2023 analytics predictions

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In 2022, the world adjusted to and worked to recover from a global pandemic and international conflict that displaced millions of families.

Energy costs increased sharply and supply chain issues and other disruptions persisted. This contributed to the highest global inflation rate in decades, prompting a domino effect across economies.

The last few years of cultural disruption, environmental disruption and digital transformation have required everyone to adjust – fast. The growing expectation is that organizations must be change-ready, putting resiliency at the top of the minds of business and technology leaders.

What will 2023 bring? What analytics tools will organizations use to stay prepared and resilient for an uncertain future? How do we roll with the punches when the market takes a hit? What new technologies will rise to the forefront? We surveyed our colleagues and shared their thoughts to help prepare you for the year ahead.

Click this slideshow to view our predictions or read the full list now.


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