One of the driving forces of curiosity is diversity. As we approach International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight some of the women whose curiosity has been making big waves throughout the world. Look through each of these stories to see just how strong, curious and incredible women can be.

Be inspired by the curiosity of a princess 

Princess Sarah Culberson is no stranger to hardships. Her incredible story has led her to a world of curiosity, and with that, her life’s purpose. Culberson’s work focuses on biracial and cultural identity and raises awareness of issues impacting Sierra Leone. Tune in on March 8th to see how she uses her experiences and curiosity to make a positive impact on others.

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Hackathon happenings

What are some of the amazing SAS Hackathon women working on? SAS’ 2022 Women in Analytics Hackathon team (WIAx) is working with a major energy company’s data to find more sustainable approaches for power. This all-women team of data scientists is working with Enel, a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global power and renewables markets, to devise data-driven approaches to help improve operations and meet Enel’s ambitious goal of being fully decarbonized by 2040.

Learn more about the Hackathon! #SAShackathon.

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Celebrate the curious mind of Data Scientist, Melissa Strong, Ph.D.

Melissa is a data scientist on a mission to understand how exposure to synthetic chemicals impacts our health and the health of future generations. Hear how she endeavors to untangle hundreds of thousands of possibilities to find the answers that matter.

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Turning questions into progress: Ayana's story

Ayana Ferguson, data scientist in the Data Ethics Practice and SAS Black Initiatives Group (BIG) leadership council member, is no stranger to asking questions. Hear how her passion for advocacy and limitless curiosity led her to ask tough questions that opened doors for global progress.

Ayana's story

Casting call for women in analytics

Building the future of technology for everyone. These leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs give their unique views of how life and technology intersect, exploring ideas like how to take control of your career, why diversity in analytics is critical, and how to make your voice heard.

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Malala Fund connects climate change and education

Our world is experiencing a climate crisis – but we are not all experiencing its effects in the same way. SAS is helping the Malala Fund explore the impact of climate change on girls’ education and will be used in important conversations with policymakers to encourage the inclusion of girls’ education in climate change discussions.

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Be a part of SAS Women in Analytics

Join the SAS Women in Analytics Network Join the SAS Women in Analytics (WIA) Network, a community dedicated to strengthening diversity in the analytics field.


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