If you’ve ever traveled, you know the excitement of getting to explore a whole new place. After a year of quarantine, people are desperate for that feeling again. As Covid-19 restrictions lift, travel companies need to be prepared for the substantial amount of customer data that will become available. With SAS®, companies can do exactly that. Consolidating the data into easy-to-read results allows for large amounts of complex data to be processed for decisions. It also allows for quicker response times and helpful analytics to see what is going well and what isn’t in any given moment.

Old-fashioned hospitality starts with cutting-edge analytics

If you ever go to the Outer Banks – a chain of barrier islands along the North Carolina coast – you’ll probably encounter Twiddy & Company. They are the leading vacation rental company on the Outer Banks. Twiddy & Company wanted to improve the way they manage property maintenance finances and operations. The business picked SAS to improve their process by having the staff select vendors for projects based on effectiveness, efficiency and quality of work. By allowing SAS software to show the vendors’ strengths, Twiddy has reduced financial losses by 15%.

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Travel and tourism forecasts become more accurate with analytics

DER Touristik has quite the reputation in Germany. It is one of the leading travel agencies in the country. One thing they need when they have such a big customer base is quick, reliable data. Prior to using SAS, forecasting would take up to four weeks on basic projections because the process was done manually on a spreadsheet with simple mathematical predictions. This would cause large gaps in the prediction versus result. To be more reliable, DER Touristik decided to implement SAS Viya. After using SAS, the usual 20% gap in predictions dropped to a mere 3% gap the following year.

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Ferry marketing changes course

The European ferry chain Grandi Navi Veloci had big plans after the economic downturn. While most companies struggled to just get back on their feet, Grandi Navi Veloci stood up ready to go. They decided to expand their business into the Mediterranean. Because of this larger market area, it became essential for them to optimize fleet management, redefine customer relationships and customize offers to increase profitability and customer satisfaction. With SAS Marketing Automation, they were able to have clear communication amongst coworkers and customers by having new points of contacts and multichannel campaigns. The data analysis allows Grandi Navi Veloci to know their customers and their buying behaviors, which in turn allows them to change their approach in sales and understand their business better as a whole.

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Our world is drastically different from two years ago. It is key that we can adapt and know how to change with it. People have come to appreciate travel more and will certainly be more keen to explore as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. With SAS, companies don’t have to stress about that transition. It allows for a more seamless, accurate business that keeps customers – and their customers – happy.



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