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Going to the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit? Visit the SAS booth to learn more about our open analytics platform.

For many years, we’ve been saying that to do advanced analytics well, you must have good quality, clean and standardised data. And now we’re fast approaching the deadline for businesses to be compliant with the GDPR regulations (with fines for noncompliance up to four per cent of revenue).

SAS’ capabilities in locating and sniffing out personal data across a disparate enterprise, as well as managing access through our data virtualisation, governance and lineage, mean we can help our customers modernise, scale and productionalise so they can be more than compliant in 2018.

Extending out the analytics lifecycle to showcase our very newest capabilities in a cloud-ready, open, API-centric platform supports not only the full needs of GDPR, but also all the needs of a modern company. From a start-up FinTech wanting pay-as-we-go cloud services, to large scale enterprises that need to know that the operational decisions and algorithms they’re running will not only scale, but will also meet stringent controls for governance, standards and security – SAS has got you covered.

The ability to support testing and building in open languages like Python and R, and then to seamlessly challenge scale and deploy with the SAS platform, is undoubtedly one of the most important developments for SAS and our customers in the new API-centric, platform economy.

It opens the door for start-ups and FinTechs to fail fast and move on with ideas and innovations, all while having the reassurance of support from one of the most well-established, scalable and flexible analytics platforms available on the market.

And crucially it's now open (i.e. accessible and inclusive), cloud-ready and engineered for the future of advanced analytics – thanks to SAS Viya. Our newly published research explains how organisations are using open and proprietary solutions, and why combining open source with a platform like Viya offers the best of both worlds.

Learn more by stopping by our booth at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2017. I’d be pleased to meet you and introduce our team of experts in GDPR and the open analytics platform.

In the past you may have garnered the view that SAS was a closed, reliable, scaleable workhorse in the advanced analytics back-office world. My mission this year: ‘Let's change that!’.


About Author

Peter Pugh-Jones

Head of Operations, EMEA & APAC, Global IoT Division, SAS

Peter Pugh-Jones leads a team of expert industry consultants across EMEA & APAC for the global IoT division at SAS. During a career spanning four decades, he has been lucky enough to have worked all over the world in diverse roles and sectors of the technology and software industries. A passionate believer of utilising the right tools and technology to meet the data and analytical challenges of the present day, Pete or PPJ considers himself a lifelong learner with an optimistic view of the future of technology and the adoption of artificial intelligence to improve quality of life and sustainability. Pete is driven by a sense of responsibility to ensure his customers derive the very best return on their investments in digital transformation technologies. With the convergence of robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT on the cusp of this fourth industrial revolution, Pete firmly believes there has never been a more exciting or important time to be working in the advanced analytics space as we begin the journey to operationalise AI and transform all our lives for the better.

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