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Analytics Experience 2016 logoSAS was founded on the principal of using analytics to change the world. From fighting cancer and researching the Zika virus to changing the lives of Ghana women by teaching them how to code, SAS has remained committed to helping solve critical humanitarian issues using data and analytics.

What SAS has been doing for more than 40 years is now taking main stage in the industry as a data for good (#data4good) movement. Instead of just using data to boost the bottom line, organizations are looking for new ways to use analytics to make a difference.

As a way to put a spotlight on other companies supporting the data for good movement, you’ll see a big data for good presence at Analytics Experience 2016, Sept. 12-14 in Las Vegas. Jake Porway, founder of DataKind, will be one of this year’s keynote speakers. There will also be data for good breakout presentations from SAS, Dignity Health, Elliot Hospital Systems, San Bernardino County Behavioral Health Department and more. You can find all the sessions by filtering in the agenda for “data for good” in the mobile app.

Attendees can also visit the data for good booth in the innovation hub. It’s a place to get hands on using your skills and SAS software to tackle data for good problems. You can also share with us how you’re using data for good.

If you’re not attending Analytics Experience, we still want to know how you’re changing the world with big data. Tweet @sassoftware using the hashtag #data4good.

I’ll leave you with this short video that explains more about the #data4good that’s happening here at SAS.


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