Why does your company need an analytics culture?


Analytics Experience 2016 logoThe digital disruption is creating unforeseen events, such as new competitors, products and services that threaten the performance and positioning of consolidated players. Big data and analytics prove themselves, through successful user cases, as the answer to intercept the demand, prevent churn, draw an integrated view of the customer, manage fraud and reinvent the offer. Today, businesses recognize the importance of a data-driven approach and, in fact, investments in business intelligence and analytical technologies are significantly growing worldwide.

In Italy, for example, according to Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence of Politecnico of Milan, CIOs identify analytics as the main investment priority for 2016, and they see the skills in big data as the greatest barrier to the digital transformation.

As Gartner says in the report, ITScore Overview for BI and Analytics, the challenge is to define a coherent and forward-looking business analytics strategy. And, above all, to correctly underline the new approach in business processes and the existing organizational structures, overcoming the fragmentation of infrastructure, applications and data sources. Analytics will become more pervasive within the enterprise: by 2017, the majority of business users will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis. However, by 2018, 90 percent of information governance programs based on citizen stewards (users without a specific background that have an active role in data management processes) will result unsuccessful and will not achieve the expected objectives.

Analytics culture, how and why

To overcome these challenges, an analytical culture is needed. If IT professionals have a good knowledge of information delivery processes, they often lack the ability to convey to the business the cultural change needed to enable the data-driven enterprise. It is important that the analytical culture is shared and widespread, extended to all levels of the corporate pyramid, successfully leading the transformation of the digital business.

Collaboration between business leaders and IT teams is crucial. In fact, each actor should internalize both a business and technical vision, in order to make the leap of thought.

Analytics Experience 2016 is a worldwide event that is happening in two continents, United States and Europe, to provide a learning and exchange opportunity between business leaders, analytics gurus and anyone at any company level that faces on a daily basis the information management processes.

The European event will be held this year in Rome from November 7-9, with a program full of educational sessions and networking opportunities that will enrich the knowledge and skills of participants around the analytical culture.


Meet the experts, enlarge your network 

There are many valid reasons to register for Analytics Experience 2016 Rome. The three-day event is designed to provide a practical support to the current and next generations of professionals working with analytical tools and SAS solutions. Technological and strategic training sessions will offer all members a valuable update on the latest business-oriented products and trends.

All participants, either those who opt for the conference only or those who choose to also enroll in the training courses, will have the opportunity to learn the new frontiers of analytics from international best practices, case studies and inspirational keynote speakers.

Under the spotlight there will be the hottest topics of the industry, including: machine learning, forecasting, text analytics, marketing analytics, data management, executive leadership, internet of things, risk analytics, fighting fraud, data science, visualization and reporting, optimization and simulation.

Analytics Experience 2016 Rome is catered to specialized professionals from around the world, with an international scope: IT and business managers, academic professionals, experts from any sectors will be able to share ideas, enrich their network, create new business opportunities like in no other event of the industry.

The panorama of technology is rapidly changing and we have to get closer to the new frontiers. We must constantly update tools, strategies and skills, with the introduction of new profiles and organizational models. Only this way, the analytics cultures can actually drag the business transformation. If you want to know more about the event, take a look at the Analytics Experience 2016 Rome website.


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