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Analytics Experience 2016 logoThe Internet of Things (or IoT, as some like to call it) holds a number of benefits for many organizations: revenue growth, smarter decision making and efficiency. Experts are predicting anywhere from 20 to 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. That’s almost here! Are you ready? And how are you getting started with IoT?!

There’s no question that getting into the IoT business is going to be complicated and time consuming.  Amber MacArthur, technology leader and president of Konnekt, believes companies aren’t ready for the next evolution of the Internet of Things. In this video MacArthur explains, “At the core of the Internet of Things, it’s all about data.”

So how are companies taking advantage of everything the IoT has to offer? To get started with IoT MacArthur says you need to:

  • Develop a cloud plan.
  • Understand security.
  • Get constant education.

This is all happening at a rapid pace, but getting educated about the latest technologies, and how they can benefit your company is key. And don’t forget -- it’s only successful with the smartest and most agile technologies.

Want to learn more about the latest technologies and strategies for getting started with IoT? Register to attend the Analytics Experience, Sept. 12-14 in Las Vegas where you can watch Amber MacArthur speak live as one of our big keynotes.

While you’re registering, play this video to hear Amber explain more about the future of IoT. You can also browse the session catalog for other breakouts, super demos and theater presentations about IoT. We’ll see you in Vegas in Sept. for a more in-depth discussion.

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