Ten IoT articles to catch you up on the latest trend


Companies in nearly every industry – from retailers and manufacturers to commercial airlines and health care providers – are all waking up to the opportunities in the Internet of Things. If you're still trying to understand how analyzing IoT data could benefit your business, read a few of the articles here for inspiration. I've compiled 10 links to help bring you up to speed on the IoT, and why everyone is talking about it.

  1. Internet of Things: What it is and Why it Matters
    For a thorough introduction to the history and technology involved with IoT, start with this great backgrounder piece.
  2. 3 Internet of Things examples from 3 industries
    Get the nitty, gritty details from real world IoT implementations, including the number of monitored devices and the scale of data collected.
  3.  The Internet of Things is wasted without risk-taking
    In this article, you'll learn how even an elevator company can benefit from analyzing IoT data, and you'll debate why it could take a leap of faith to benefit from IoT projects.
  4. Fueling IoT success with Hadoop
    Learn why Hadoop is a good technology to consider for your IoT projects.
  5. Unlocking the real value of IoT
    The IoT's biggest economic impact is expected to come on the factory floor, on the energy grid and in virtually any large-scale industrial setting. Learn more about these IoT applications from an expert at Intel.
  6. Multi-stage modeling delivers the ROI for internet of things 
    Find out why this modeling technique is ideal for data in motion, and for generating a wider set of decisions more rapidly, more frequently, and more automatically.
  7. Lessons learned from building an internet of things application 
    Hear from a developer who's analyzing IoT data for energy company - and how multiphase analytics are used for analyzing sensor data.
  8. Revolutionizing the patient experience 
    What role does the IoT play in personal healthcare? From personal health trackers to weight loss apps and disease monitoring - the possibilities are exciting.
  9. Applying machine learning to IoT data 
    With the right algorithms, machine learning can be applied to IoT data to improve the efficiency of a production process.
  10. How Far Does IoT Progress in 2016? 
    Take the survey and take part in the discussion here to decide whether the Internet of Things will remain a niche project at most companies, or whether it will provide real benefits to businesses and consumers.

What IoT articles are you reading? Share them in the comments and add to our list.


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