Beyond “back-to-school”: Giving everyone the Power to Know® through education


“Back-to-school” is a common theme this time of year, but learning isn’t something that is relegated to a certain point on the calendar or even a particular point in life – it’s a lifelong journey.

Whether you are in early education using mobile technology for learning, a student or adult learner looking for free SAS® software, or an educator looking for new ways to teach, SAS has something to offer. We support education because it is an investment in the future, not just for our company, but for the world.

Learn how SAS can help you on your lifelong education journey (click image)
Learn how SAS can help you on your lifelong education journey (click image)

The Internet of Things and the continued growth of big data will create millions of jobs for data scientists in the coming years. But before that data scientist comes knocking at our door – or the doors of our customers – he or she will have had to take college-level courses in computer science and/or analytics.

Before even getting into college, though, kids need to be comfortable and familiar with subjects all throughout K-12. We can and we must support learning at all levels.

There are many SAS education programs and initiatives making a difference in K-12 and higher education. More than 26,000 teachers and students signed up in August to use SAS Curriculum Pathways free digital learning resources, bringing the total number of users to more than 550,000 around the world. More than 350,000 professors, students and independent learners are taking advantage of the free SAS software and training  offered through SAS Analytics U. I encourage you to check those out and think about how they can help you and/or your children along their journey.

The accompanying infographic shows how those programs and others map to a lifelong commitment to learning.

I find it particularly rewarding to bring students and teachers to SAS to learn about how we can support their interests and goals.

Last week, I met with three budding data scientists, ages 10-11, who used analytics to learn more about their passions. Two focused on sports, one on pet adoption. We arranged a special day where they presented their research, met with a sports analytics expert as well as experts who analyze data on service dog breeding and endangered species preservation.


Kids can get excited about data and analytics if we can help them understand the relevance to their lives. This can put them on a path to rewarding careers in analytics or other STEM disciplines.

SAS hosts other events such as the annual Math Summit for teachers, various STEM days for students and numerous professor trainings where we help them integrate SAS into their instruction.

Next week, we will co-host a Data & Analytics Summit with Achieving the Dream, where more than 160 community and technical college representatives will learn how data and analytics can improve enrollment, course availability and student outcomes. Those schools are critical to building a talented workforce with the skills employers need.

From pre-K to the workforce and beyond, we should never stop learning. What’s the next step in your journey?


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Dr. Jim Goodnight

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of SAS, the world’s leading business analytics software vendor, Jim Goodnight has led the company since its inception in 1976, overseeing an unbroken chain of revenue growth and profitability that is unprecedented in the industry. He is recognized globally for being a trailblazer among companies that top great workplace rankings.


  1. I am much more interested in your cybersecurity initiative. I would like to follow that.

    I used to catch those morons red-handed(been doing this so long I am afraid to tell you - say 25 years) and I think it is the biggest threat we have. My husband will not let me do anymore independent consulting because of the dangers (oh yes!) but I read an article that you were up on the curve.

    You are the only one I know of?

    I would like to follow along.

    I think the next 4 years will make or break us if we do not get it under control.

    Sorry but it is late and I just wanted to reach out.

    If you cannot respond I understand. But the white paper from Israel on the really old hex hack really got me - and the war driving and geo caching that is going on must stop!

    We have mafia's in Raleigh doing this stuff.

    So add me to that list if you have one?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Jim,

    Congratulations for changing the world with The Power to Know !

    Indeed, there are multiple education opportunities, most of them for recent graduates. What about second career training opportunities for the age group 50+ ? The mature creativity and innovation of this category is often forgotten. Could you address this need, Jim? Please open up the doors of the "Pre-Sales Academy" to this category, you will be amazed to see the "Return on Investment".

    Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!


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