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DressShirtsImagine that you’re a large retail firm, in need of projecting sales for the next few months. With the right analytical solution, it can literally take just seconds to have a forecast in place. You drag and drop some variables and can figure out exactly which ones are underlying factors that affect your forecast. Faster analysis of complex problems leads to faster response times and the ability to save and make more revenue and profit in the end. The focus in this “big data era” is often on large data sets: terabytes and petabytes of transactional or customer data, for example.

But what about departments within an organization, such as HR, finance, IT, marketing, and sales? Surely they have similar needs, even if it’s at a slightly smaller scale.

Now, imagine you’re an organic grocery chain with 24 stores in three different states. You may not have the same budget as the global retailer, but your competition is equally fierce, and your need to analyze large external and internal data sources is just as important to your business. Visual analytics can give you insights into what your inventory should look like, sentiment of your customers based on their online reviews, and correlations between the items purchased and price tags – all information you need to keep customers happy and coming back.

But can you realistically compete with the larger global chains when your analytics budget pales in comparison? Now, you can.

The current pricing structure of SAS Visual Analytics gives small and midsize customers access to the same powerful visuals and built in analytics at a lower cost – based on your company size and your data types. We recognize that running a business is costly, so your analytics should not be.

Try it now, or contact SAS to learn more.


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Varsha Chawla

Sr Solutions Architect

Varsha Chawla is a Sr. Solutions Architect working on business visualization at SAS. She has previously worked on Customer Intelligence and Business Intelligence products and solutions. She has a strong background in product management, digital, and online marketing, social media / networking, and sales. Varsha has been with SAS for almost 7 years and previously worked in the hardware industry.

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