Last year on SAS Voices: recessions, Volvo Trucks and more


What were we blogging about last year at this time? Some of our bloggers were attending a leadership conference in Singapore and others were attending an analytics conference at Disney. It may surprise you to know we were already talking about high-performance analytics. In fact, we were talking about high-performance at SAS years before the "big data" term exploded on to everyone's radar. This is just one example:

The promise of high-performance analytics, as I understand it, is this: Regardless of how you store your data or how much of it there is, complex analytical procedures can still access that data, conduct a series of calculations on that data and provide answers quickly, accurately and using the full potential of the resources in your computing environment.

This post about Volvo Trucks is about using data to reduce warranty claims:

Standardizing warranty claims reduces losses by improving service time, reducing redundancies in parts distribution and finding potential for fraud. “The most important thing about improving the data flow is being able to get information to improve the quality of our trucks."

Based on a review of manufacturing data, Mike Newkirk made some bullish predictions about the economy one year ago. Read it and decide if he was right:

One of the reasons I am bullish on a continued recovery is the level of investment I see companies of all sizes making to strengthen their capabilities. Whether it is software to strengthen product quality and customer satisfaction, predictive analytics deployments to improve asset utilization or integrating robust analytical solutions into their sales and operations planning (S&OP), forward thinking organizations are putting in place the technologies and processes that will make them more competitive and profitable. But all through these recessionary years, they have also insisted on proof of real value before they invest. This critical and careful evaluation I suspect is here to stay.

Finally, last year during this same week, we heard from experience how to advocate for analytics in your organization (including some tips on what NOT to do):

He urged companies to grow their supply of "datanauts" -- people charged with bringing about "data-enriched" innovation. People who know how to twist the dials and knobs on amazing new tools to give silent, growing piles of data a voice in the board room.

That's the best stuff from the archives here. What were you doing or blogging about last year?


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