Predictive analytics lessons from Enterprise Holdings


Are you always looking for that inside perspective? Most of us are! As we all know, customers are the primary – perhaps exclusive – source of cash flow for many organizations.  Knowing which ones are most profitable is critical to maximizing future economic value.

To help today's marketing and business leaders learn how to derive this value, we invite you to join David Ogden, Principal Analytics Consultant at SAS speaking with Brian J. Curtin, of Enterprise Holdings, as Brian shares the inside perspective on the work they've done to gain critical insight into Enterprise's most profitble customers.

In the webinar, Predictive Analytics and Customer Lifetime Value - An Inside Perspective,  Curtin, the vice president of marketing services for Enterprise Holdings – the world's largest car rental company – will share:

  • Best practices for a customer lifetime value implementation.
  • How to apply predictive analytics to maximize customer relationships.
  • The seven key questions marketers need to be asking when it comes to customer lifetime value.

So, grab your lunch, sit at your desk and join us online November 16th at 1pm eastern for this month's Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series to explore how using predictive analytics and a Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) methodology can provide the framework for a strategy that focuses on every level of customer engagement, from brand awareness to customer loyalty and retention.


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