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If you are interested in hearing firsthand about the benefits, business issues and challenges involved in implementing analytics you'll want to hear directly from an organization that is actively applying analytics and customer intelligence to create business value.

We invite you to view this live webinar to learn how Verizon applied analytics to improve marketing and customer loyalty. Facing competitive pressure on its landline business and a recession, Verizon needed a complete turnaround of its sales and marketing efforts. To do that, it needed to focus on its greatest asset: its customers.  Join Diane Brown, Director of Medium Business Marketing and Channel Strategy for Verizon as she describes how the company applied analytics to:

  • Foster a customer-centric approach in the regulated side of its business.
  • Segment its mainstream and premium customers into relevant microsegments in unexpected new ways.
  • Improve campaign close rates by more than 250 percent.

The Applying Business Analytics webinar begins at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S.) on October 19th and features SAS customer Verizon and partner Accenture. Diane Brown will describe how Verizon collaborated with SAS and Accenture to divide its customers into micro segments and develop a strategy that targets differentiated customer needs with the right solutions. With analytics, Verizon produced a 360-degree view of its customers, resulting in improved campaign close rates by more than 250 percent.  Hope to see you online Wednesday!


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Kristine is an energetic, innovative, results focused marketing practitioner. She strives to share great analytical stories and successes. Kristine helps others see the big picture while taking care of details and thinking of creative ways to get more done!


  1. With all of the competitive pressures and customer churn, I hope to hear about some break throughs that improve marketing efforts....cutting through the consumer noise and delivering results that count.

  2. Faye Merrideth on

    Loved sharing your blog and the "Applying Business Analytics" webinar invite with others, Kristine!

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