Centers of Excellence 101: How to maximize knowledge from BI and analytical resources


It's webinar time again! This hour session is designed for business analysts, directors of analytics and BI, and business users on the topic of Centers of Excellence. This live "101" webinar will take place live on Aug. 18, and it's the fifth installment in the 2010 Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series.

Maximizing knowledge of your business intelligence and analytical resources is the most effective way to improve business performance and create a competitive advantage. Successful organizations do this by aligning their culture, technical capabilities and internal processes with their strategic and tactical business objectives and priorities.

Whether you are focusing on reporting and BI, data management or analytics, there is a role for a center of excellence in your organization. The webinar will demonstrate how centers of excellence can help you and your organization use existing resources to maximize business value. Join Anne Milley & Aiman Zeid for this 1-hour session and learn:

  • The types, definition and role of centers of excellence
  • The value and structure of an analytic center of excellence
  • The role of business and IT in centers of excellence
  • How to align business priorities with your BI and analytical efforts

About the series

The 2010 Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series is designed to enable organizations to learn from the best business, product marketing and tech experts as they highlight the value of a complete business analytics framework. You are welcome to join the sessions live or view sessions on demand at your leisure.


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