10 posts from 2019 that deserve a second look


Did you add "learn something new" to your list of New Year's resolutions? Last week, I wrote about the most popular articles from The DO Loop in 2019. The most popular articles are about elementary topics in SAS programming or univariate statistics because those topics have broad appeal.

Advanced topics and multivariate statistics are less popular but no less important. If you want to learn something new, check out this "Editor's Choice" list of articles that will broaden your statistical knowledge and enhance your SAS programming skills. I've grouped the articles into three broad categories.

Regression statistics

Schematic diagram of outliers in bivariate normal data. The point 'A' has large univariate z scores but a small Mahalanobis distance. The point 'B' has a large Mahalanobis distance. Only 'b' is a multivariate outlier.

High-dimensional analyses and visualization:

Low-dimensional data visualization

The tips and techniques in these articles are useful, so read a few articles today and teach yourself something new in this New Year!

Do you have a favorite article from 2019 that did not make either list? Share it in a comment!


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