Data Visualization
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Graph Table

A common scenario is where we have a table of multiple measures over time. Here we have a simple example of Frequency and Response by Day.  The Response is a linear function of the Frequency, as shown in the table on the left below. The  shape of the data is

Data Visualization
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Fun with Bar Charts

As Sheldon Cooper would say, this is the first episode of "Fun with Charts".  I did not find a cool term like "Vexillology" and "Cartography" is taken by map making, so let us go with "Chartology". Yesterday, I saw a couple of interesting bar charts as shown on the right.  I thought

Data Visualization
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G100 with SGPLOT

The GCHART procedure has a popular option called G100 to display all the subgroups in % format such that all the subgroup values add up to 100% for each group.   Each subgroup is labeled with its own % values. SGPLOT procedure does not such an option, but with a little bit of

Data Visualization
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Healthcare.gov numbers

Working at SAS, I consider myself fortunate to have the best employee benefits in the industry.  That is one of the factors placing SAS as one of the best companies to work for worldwide, and often THE best company to work for in USA. Given that, I was curious to know the kind

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