Data Visualization
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Graph Table

A common scenario is where we have a table of multiple measures over time. Here we have a simple example of Frequency and Response by Day.  The Response is a linear function of the Frequency, as shown in the table on the left below. The  shape of the data is

Data Visualization
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Fun with Bar Charts

As Sheldon Cooper would say, this is the first episode of "Fun with Charts".  I did not find a cool term like "Vexillology" and "Cartography" is taken by map making, so let us go with "Chartology". Yesterday, I saw a couple of interesting bar charts as shown on the right.  I thought

Data Visualization
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G100 with SGPLOT

The GCHART procedure has a popular option called G100 to display all the subgroups in % format such that all the subgroup values add up to 100% for each group.   Each subgroup is labeled with its own % values. SGPLOT procedure does not such an option, but with a little bit of

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