Basic ODS Graphics Examples


I have written a new book: Basic ODS Graphics Examples.

It is available as a free PDF file on the web. It is in color, and all of the SAS code is available by double clicking a link at the beginning of each example. This new book complements my other recent book: Advanced ODS Graphics Examples.

The new book replaces my 2010 SAS Press book: Statistical Graphics in SAS: An Introduction to the Graph Template Language and the Statistical Graphics Procedures. Like the 2010 book, the new book provides a gentle and parallel introduction to the graph template language and the SG procedures. Most of it has been rewritten, and many new examples have been added. Both books are designed for use with SAS 9.4.

Look for me this year at SAS Global Forum, PharmaSUG, and the Joint Statistical Meetings where I will be giving talks on methods of annotating and customizing the graphs that analytical procedures produce.


About Author

Warren F. Kuhfeld

Distinguished Research Statistician

Warren F. Kuhfeld is a distinguished research statistician developer in SAS/STAT R&D. He received his PhD in psychometrics from UNC Chapel Hill in 1985 and joined SAS in 1987. He has used SAS since 1979 and has developed SAS procedures since 1984. Warren wrote the SAS/STAT documentation chapters "Using the Output Delivery System," "Statistical Graphics Using ODS," "ODS Graphics Template Modification," and "Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot." He also wrote the free web books Basic ODS Graphics Examples and Advanced ODS Graphics Examples.

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  1. Fantastic Warren: You willingness to share your efforts and knowledge are greatly appreciated. Hopefully this generosity will come back to you. Can't wait to dig in!

  2. David Corliss on

    Warren Kuhfeld's 2010 book "Statistical Graphics in SAS: An Introduction to the Graph Template Language and the Statistical Graphics Procedures" has been an absolute Must Have for me - one of only five books (and only two SAS books) I always have within reach. This new book, updating with the latest materials, is a great addition! Download this book today and and his "Advanced Advanced ODS Graphics Examples" as well!

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