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It’s back to school season, so we thought it’d be a great time to refresh on the basics, like the ABCs. 😉 Because at SAS, we believe in providing an exceptional employee experience, all the way from A to Z! Check out the ABCs of the #saslife.  

 A is for…Art 

We have offices located around the globe, but they all have something in common: they’re beautiful, world-class spaces, adorned with unique art designed to delight and inspire creativity. That’s where Senior Artist-in-Residence, Juliana Craig, comes in. She’s created over 360 works (and counting!) for SAS’ corporate collection. Read about her creative journey here 

 B is for…Benefits.  

At SAS, we provide a world-class employee experience, and that means everything from meaningful work to a great work environment and benefits. We take a total rewards approach, providing both financial and unique personal benefits. You’ll hear about some of them on this list, but you can check out this blog for a deeper dive.  

 C is for…Corporate Social Responsibility

At SAS, we’re committed to people and the planet. Our CEO,Sheep grazing under solar panelsJim Goodnight, says it best: “By improving our world together though knowledge and technology, we can create a more sustainable future.” Check out our CSR report here 

 D is for…Development  

From our Career Mentoring Program to a wide variety of training classes, SAS provides ample opportunity to grow your skills and advance your career. 

 E is for… Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  

Our EAP offers employees and family members up to eight counseling sessions with a fully licensed clinician per issue per year– at no cost.  

 F is for…Flexibility  

At SAS, we trust employees to do the job they were hired to do, and inspire them to be results-driven. Our flexible work environment offers a personal choice in how and where employees work. Curious to learn more? Hear from Jenn Mann, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer on the Future of Work.  

 G is for…Global

We’re a global company, with offices in 56 countries around the world. Our products are used in 150 countries worldwide, at over 80,000 customer sites.  

 H is for…Health Care Center and Pharmacy 

Our on-site Health Care Center (HQ) is a full-service family practice offering a wide range of services, from acute illness treatment to primary care. The best part? HCC services are free to SAS employees and their covered family members. Just next door, there’s also an onsite pharmacy!   

 I is for… IPO on the horizon 

We’re on the path to an initial public offering (IPO) by 2024! Read more in a press release here. 

 J is for…Just keep swimming… at our onsite natatorium! 

Our Recreation and Fitness complex includes a natatorium, where employees can enjoy everything from swim classes, to challenging workouts, to low-impact fitness classes.  

 K is for… 401k to help with retirement planning.  

 L is for… Library  

Our onsite library (HQ) has hundreds of books and other resources for employees to check out and utilize, as well as an online collection.  

  M is for…Maternity and parental leave  

We offer generous parental leave to provide employees with paid time off to bond with and care for newborn or newly adopted children.  

 N is for…Nutrition Services 

You don’t have to be a SAS employee to enjoy our nutritionists’ tips – check out their blogs here.  

 O is for…Onsite childcare & childcare subsidy 

We offer generous childcare benefits for all full-time employees – your choice of a subsidy program or subsidized onsite daycare (HQ).  

 P is for…People!

If you ask anyone who works at SAS about their favorite part of the #saslife, chances are they’ll say it’s the curious, creative people they work with each day.  

 Q is for…Quiet walking trails, meditation garden, etc.  

Our 900+ acre HQ campus has over 28 acres dedicated to the physical fitness of employees, with miles of trail perfect for a lunchtime jog or mind-clearing afternoon walk. There’s also a meditation garden, complete with wind chimes, meditation bells and rock labyrinth, perfect for quiet reflection.  

 R is for… Recreation & Fitness Center 

Our Recreation and Fitness Center (HQ) offers in-person, live and asynchronous classes, an Olympic size swimming pool and much, much more. 

 S is for…Subsidized cafes 

Our HQ campus has 6 subsidized cafes serving everything from sushi to wood-fired pizza. 

 T is for…Tuition assistance  

At SAS, we think you’re worth the investment! That’s why we have a Tuition Assistance Program to enhance professional development and career growth.  

 U is for…University roots

The SAS story began with our founders, Jim Goodnight and John Sall, at North Carolina State University – and the rest is (SAS) history!   

 V is for… Vacation and other paid time off 

SAS offers generous time off benefits, including unlimited sick days and our fan-favorite Winter Wellness Break between December 25 and January 1. US employees also receive 20 hours of paid volunteer time each year.  

 W is for…Work/Life Center 

We know life doesn’t stop when you’re at work – and that’s where our Work/Life Center comes in! Our Work/Life team is comprised of four Master’s level Social Workers who are available for individual consultations, seminars and more. All free! 

 X is for…X-ceptional culture 

Ok, we know this one’s a stretch, but our culture definitely isn’t! 😉 At SAS, we like to say that it isn’t about fitting in to our culture – it's about adding to it! Read more about our culture.  

 Y is for… Young Professionals Network… and six other Employee Inclusion Groups! 

We’re proud to sponsor voluntary, employee-led and employee-driven groups that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace – aligned with and supporting the strategy, mission and values of our company. Read more here 

 Z is for…North Carolina Zoo – and other discounted tickets and perks.  

As SAS employees, our people have access to a variety of discounted tickets and other perks.  

 26 letters just aren’t enough to encompass all of what’s great about the #saslife, but this list is a good start. Curious to learn more? Check out our open roles and learn more about our company and culture. And if you’re a SAS employee, let us know in the comments – what’s your favorite part of the #saslife?  


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