Over the last two years, the Future of Work has been the topic of fervent discussion: Is the traditional office dead? Is hybrid work possible? Will we all go remote? 

Recently, with the decrease in COVID-19 case numbers and return to semi-normalcy, conversation about the Future of Work has changed from a “someday” topic to a “right now” one. With this shift come new headlines about companies mandating employees’ return to the office, employee work preferences, and more. 

At SAS, conversations about the Future of Work are not new; we’ve been asking our employees for their feedback and communicating updates along the way. And now, we’re ready to move forward together.  

So, what’s our take on the Future of Work? At SAS, it’s whatever you want it to be.  

We’ve always been guided by our culture of trust and flexibility, and our strategy for Future of Work is no exception. We trust employees to do the job they were hired to do and inspire them to be results-driven. Our flexible work environment offers a personal choice in how and where employees work, whether it’s choosing to come on-site for collaboration and connection, work remotely, or a mix of the two.   

Most of our employees have told us that hybrid work is their preference, so we’re supporting them in finding the best balance for their own productivity and well-being. One way we’re doing this is by providing all employees with a Flexible Work Allowance to help offset expenses related to hybrid and/or remote work, as well as providing all employees with Hybrid Work training to share best practices and ensure equity.  

This new way of working will come with ups and downs, but the good news is that we’ve been working this way for two years and have been doing it well. I have no doubt we will successfully navigate the new world of work and learn a lot, together, along the way.  


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Jenn Mann

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Jenn Mann leads a global HR organization that acts as stewards of the SAS culture and engages a diverse workforce of more than 14,000 employees. She's responsible for developing and guiding SAS’ talent management philosophy, as well as articulating the organization’s strategy for acquiring, developing, rewarding and retaining the best talent.


  1. gordon Keener on

    Will there be a minimum attendance required for keeping your permanent on-site office, vs using a flex office when you do come in?

    I'm not asking for me: I'm in (almost) every day because I ing hate working from home, so I obviously need my office. And a full-remoter obviously doesn't need a permanent office. But: once a week? Probably. Once a month? Ummm....

  2. Thanks for the support and trust you have shown to supporting the evolution of the hybrid work model. I have already been thoroughly enjoying the flexibility and allowance to make both my SAS office and home office a productive environment!

  3. Suryaprakash Mishra on

    I think hybrid model of working adopted by my work place is best way forward. Keeping on top of the work and social connections not only in virtual environment but also as face to face.

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