Finding Calm and Healing with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy


What if there was an easy way to assist sprains, strains, pain, joint stiffness and even sleep? There IS and it’s PEMF therapy which stands for pulsed electromagnetic field.

What is PEMF?

It’s been around for over a century and provides a complementary way to heal and help the body find homeostasis. PEMF therapy was frequently used during the Soviet space explorations because they were seeing a great deal of bone density loss due to astronauts being removed from the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. Today, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration, NASA, recognizes the benefits and utilizes PEMF to prevent, retain, and build both bone and muscle loss. This technology is even taken into space with the astronauts to enhance healing and even improve cellular health.

PEMF technology has varied benefits even if you aren’t a space traveler. It is used to help with bone diseases including osteoporosis as well as being used as a complementary and alternative health tool for cancer-related muscle atrophy.

Research Findings

A great deal of research has evolved and due to pricing of these devices decreasing as word has gotten out, almost anyone can have a PEMF device for general health. It can assist with degenerative joint diseases as well as injury. It helps with pain and improves functionality of many musculoskeletal conditions. Research suggests that PEMF can assist with repairing bone fractures and decreasing inflammatory conditions such as damaged cartilage. It is even used in postsurgical healing to assist with pain and edema. See article links below.

How Does It Work?

Basically, our bones, skin, and organs are composed of cells. The membrane of healthy cells has both positive and negative charges. When cells are distressed from trauma, disease or even chemicals and toxins, they are no longer able to function efficiently. PEMF sends low-level, short bursts of electrical frequency throughout the body to calm the central nervous system and recharge cells. The current moves through the body to restore the positive and negative charges in the cell.

You can even tailor the hertz of the device to assist with calming an anxious mind, promoting relaxation, enabling sleep, dream-states and even to help with focus.

PEMF devices come in different sizes from small to large. Many are mats that you can sit on at your desk or home or larger to lie or sleep on. In fact, animals love them and will try to lie on them when you’re using and especially when you aren’t. They intuitively know.

Veterinary Medicine

PEMF is not just for people. Veterinarians are using this technology on racehorses to help heal broken legs. They are also using to assist with wound healing on animals who have been badly burned in forest fires.

Who Shouldn't Use?

  • Those who have implanted devices such as an intrathecal pump, pacemaker, and/or cochlear implants are advised not to use as the frequency might disrupt the implant functionality.
  • Individuals who have had an organ transplant are also not advised to use.
  • Pregnant women should not use as there is a lack of research to confirm the safety to the fetus.

As with any technology, it's best practice to consult a medical practitioner to ensure it’s right for you.

Where Can You Find One?

There are many on the market but we've made the decision for you.  The RFC is in the process of creating a Wellness Room where PEMF and Infrared devices will be available in addition to binaural beats that allow you to cultivate calm, massage tools and much more. Stay tuned for the August RFC newsletter to learn how you can reserve your wellness time.






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