Now more than ever, as the lines blur between work and life, our well-being affects how we show up at work as well as how we thrive in our personal lives. As many of us transition out of full-time remote work and into a new hybrid routine, it’s important to prioritize your well-being.  

To get a head start, we asked our Work/Life, Nutrition and Recreation & Fitness team members to share their best tips for finding balance. Check out their 7 best tips for making the transition to hybrid a bit easier. 

1. Double up, if you can.

To avoid forgetting items you need or rushing around before you leave your home or office, create a separate workspace with duplicate items if possible so you aren’t keeping track of multiple items to carry back and forth. To avoid keeping tabs on a physical notebook, consider using OneNote or another digital platform to keep your notes organized and accessible from anywhere.  

2. Get organized on the weekends.

To offset the busyness of weekdays, use the weekend to get organized for the workweek ahead. Plan your meals, outfits and schedule of days in the office for the following week so you can prepare ahead of time.  

3. Think ahead.

Tasks like laundry and meal preparation can be more difficult on days you work in the office. Plan ahead to simplify - can you consolidate laundry loads to days you’re working from home? Can you meal prep on the weekends or on less busy evenings? If you’re new to meal planning or just need some fresh ideas, check out these healthy and easy sheet pan meal recipes curated by Kelly LeSage, one of our SAS nutritionists. 

4. Take a break from the webcam

Research shows that being on camera can be exhausting, and it’s even been given a name – Zoom fatigue. To combat unnecessary fatigue, pay attention to how you’re feeling, consider turning off the self-view, and don’t be afraid to turn your camera off entirely if you need a break.  

5. Take a walk

Getting fresh air and stretching your legs is important! Whether you’re at home or at the office, take a walk outside during lunch to recharge and refresh your mind.  

6. Stretch

Can’t get outside for that lunchtime walk? Take a minute or two to stretch or move between meetings. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these suggestions from one of our Recreation and Fitness Center instructors, Rebecca Allen.  

7. Give yourself grace

Last, but certainly not least: give yourself grace. Changing your routine is often difficult at first, but with time and practice, it will get easier. Make sure you’re prioritizing self-care to reduce the stress of increased expectations. 

That’s a wrap! Let us know in the comments - what tips would you add to this list?  


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