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As we wrap up an outstanding year at the RFC, we want to take a moment to celebrate a year of innovation and creativity and thank YOU for joining us to take care of your health and wellness and have LOTS of FUN along the way.  Here’s just a few of our favorite things…or programs…we’ve enjoyed WITH YOU this year:

Global Games with Angie Massengill was Mark Hassig’s favorite.

“It was a huge success and reached a lot of folks around the world.”  This family friendly competition included events rock skipping, a family dance party, weightlifting, volleyball, triathlon, and even a home run derby.

Speaking of around the world, one of the benefits of live streaming has been reaching employees in all the time zones and now live-streaming and recorded workouts are a permanent item on our wellness menu.

This year, employees and family from 57 countries logged on for 20,000 views of our recordings in the RFC’s Video Library

Looking for workouts over the holidays while the RFC is closed?  Look no further!  There’s everything from 5-minute movement breaks to HIIT to meditations and wellness seminars.

Cheryl Wheelock enjoyed our Sugar & Spice Series we held in February.

This 4-class series featured 2 “Sugar” (recovery) and 2 “Spice" (strength & conditioning) workouts taught by our Endurance Coaching Team.  Athletes joined us live on Zoom to stretch, roll, lift, and burpee their way through the “off season” in preparation for races that opened back up this year.

“Another favorite was my collaboration with Pam Cole back in May with the Healthy Neck, Shoulders, Back & Hips Series.”  Over 200 employees enjoyed this sweet series that gave love to those areas that like to hold tension.

“My favorite was when I joined Cameron Gatlin for our in-person Hike & Tai Chi and Hike & Yoga programs,” shares Rebecca Allen.

A spice of creating opportunity for group energy and cultivating individual energy - Hike + Tai Chi in October.

“The other one I really enjoyed was M.O.V.E. 5-Minute Fix with Angie and Pam.   It was great to record with them and I personally go back to them for 5-minute movement breaks.  I enjoy collaborating with teammates and being outside with SAS Employees.”

“I'd have to say my favorite was my Outdoor Volunteer Event at Forest Ridge Park.”  ~Cameron Gatlin

“We were able to clear most of the lespedeza (invasive plant) at the edge of the meadow beside the Visitor Center, and the crew “naturalized” ~150 feet of the old Rocky Point trail. Then we finished the morning with a hike down the Peninsula and Border trail to see a couple of snakes and a box turtle!”  Cameron is looking forward to a Lake Wheeler Volunteer and Play day in February.

Ryan Wands enjoyed Every Day Mobility – short videos that teach us how to promote joint mobility - and our Individual Training Program (I.T.).

Employees meet with a trainer weekly for three months to continue (or start!) their health and fitness journey. “Individual Training gives me an opportunity to work with a participant in a more comprehensive way, to improve their toolset. There are few things more satisfying than seeing someone leave a program with more control over, and confidence in, themselves.”  Look for this one again in March of 2022!

 Just 10 was one of my favorites of the year.

To support employees working from home who were short on time, our personal training team created 20 10-minute workouts varying from cardio and strength to recovery.  Employees and family could participate by completing the workouts on-demand or, for more accountability, join a training group and complete the workouts live together on MS Teams.  Through Teams, we also connected with daily trainer tips, thumbs up, and memes.  I loved working on this with our training team and connecting with employees around the world for a quick chat and workout.  We're kicking off 2022 with another round of Just 10.  Registration is open now for our 2022 Just 10 Core Challenge.

I also really enjoyed blogging this year here on SAS Life. Chatting with April Purnell, Carla Fisher, and Ursula Polo and sharing their stories in endurance brought me so much joy.  These are truly amazing women and inspiring athletes!  Our Breastfeeding Series was a fun way to share my passion for postpartum care and really enjoyed collaborating with our onsite wellness team is always a treat!

Celeste Cooper-Peel loved 5-Minute Meditations.

“The 21-Day program provided quick audios that allowed participants to listen to and be present when convenient for them.  It reached so many – from Cary employees, spouses, retirees and family to global employees!  Lots of positive comments saying how much they needed it for stress management.  I also loved our Little Life Hacks Series which explored holistic modalities potentially new to many or something they've been curious about but weren't sure where to start."  Check out all Celeste’s Little Life Hacks here on SAS Life!

As we end this monumental year, we can’t thank YOU enough for joining us virtually as well as on campus.  Seeing and connecting with you, whether its online or in-person, is truly the highlight of life at the RFC.  Cheers to an outstanding year and see you in 2022!


About Author

Amanda Pack

Sr. Recreation and Fitness Program Coordinator

Amanda received her B.A. in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At SAS, she has shares her passion of wellness with SAS employees as a Senior Recreation and Fitness Program Coordinator. When she’s not teaching others how to squat, chaturanga, and run or coaching expecting moms and Ironmen-to-be, you’ll find her exploring the outdoors with her husband, two sons, and schnoodle, cooking, propagating succulents, and training for endurance events. She’s a 2x IRONMAN finisher and multi-marathoner who loves to be on the trails or on her yoga mat! Amanda is registered through Yoga Alliance as an Experienced 200 hour Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200), certified in personal training and group exercise instruction through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), an IRONMAN Certified Coach and has training in prenatal yoga, Cosmic Kid's Yoga, and as a postpartum doula.

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