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I’m a Leo and love the sun and the sea! There is something magical about the ocean breeze, the sand between my toes and the glistening sun on the ocean waves as they easily flow in and out in a rhythmic, calm manner.  I imagine the seaweed beneath the water’s surface simply floating forwards and backwards as if rocking itself to sleep. The meditative flow of the sea washes over me and it’s almost as if my cares and concerns dissolve into the Earth.

Maybe I intuitively knew all along that humans have a deep connection to the sea. I find it fascinating that human blood plasma and salt water from the sea have almost an identical chemical composition of trace elements and minerals. Think about it, our tears are salt, our sweat… If our white blood cells were extracted from our body and placed in diluted, sterile ocean water, life would continue without a hitch. Wow!

Consider all the remedies passed down that involve health and salt water. Last month I talked about resetting the vagus nerve with gargling. Gargling with sea salt water is a great way to reset but also to soak the gums and aid in a sore throat. Even if you don’t have a sore throat, the salt water kills germs and is healing.

It heals the skin. I remember when I was young and camping at the beach.  I accidently stepped on a shell and cut my foot. After swimming in the ocean, it was healed within two days without a scar or any indication that it happened.  I also remember when I was nine years old, I cut my finger pretty deep and it bled a great deal.  My mom had me soak my finger in a bowl of salt water to clean it. While it didn’t feel good, it cleaned the wound before bandaging. These were the 1970s before antiseptic ointments were routinely on the market. I remember liquid iodine being a big part of any first aid experience.

Speaking of iodine, this amazing trace element is embedded in the ocean and sea breeze. It assists us in overall health by being a defender and binds to toxins we’re exposed to such as heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine and bromine. In today’s society, we’re exposed to more than we think. Iodine helps escort harmful entities from the body.

As we breathe in the sea and iodine, the body better regulates serotonin levels which reduces stress and encourages happiness. The lungs are cleaned, the sinuses become open and it promotes deeper breathing.

The sea is this vast body of “blue space” that has been shown to promote relaxation from simply seeing it.  I'm further relaxed by hearing the waves crash onto shore. There's this miraculous connection as the sun drenches us with enriching rays of light and vitamin D.  It's uplifting. 

How is it so powerful? We discussed minerals and trace elements and there are several that assist the body in helping rid itself of unwanted toxins while promoting health. Magnesium (one of my favorites to talk about), calcium and potassium are just a few. Salt water has been shown to assist with bacteria related to acne. It can help with reducing inflammation, opening pores and cleaning the skin. Sea salt locks in moisture although some might think it could be drying. Hard to believe but true!

Magnesium (yes, I’m going here) is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. The components of magnesium alone are endless but I won’t go off on a tangent this time about the miracles of magnesium. I will say that a sea salt bath enriched with magnesium can assist with sore muscles, pain and help you drift into a blissful slumber.

Even if you’re not taking a bath, sea salt is a natural exfoliant and I love to combine it with essential oils to slough off dead skin and create smoothness in the shower. As I’ve mentioned in another blog, dry brushing helps move lymph so combined with sea salt exfoliation, it’s a win-win of encouraging blood flow and glow.

Lastly, did you know that sea salt can help your fur babies? If they have dry skin, this salty concoction via ocean or even a spritzer bottle of sea water can give them a little relief.

To Sum It Up...

  • Healing – sea salt water heals the skin externally and can be used for sore throats. Added bonus, gargling can reset the vagus nerve.
  • Toxins – iodine binds to harmful toxins and escorts them from the body.
  • Breathing – sea breeze encourages cleaning the lungs, sinuses and deeper breaths.
  • Happiness – improves relaxation, serotonin levels and calm within.
  • Acne relief – sea salt is great but even better is dead sea salt that is rich in sulfur (yes, that egg smell). It is antibacterial. 
  • Sore muscles and inflammation – magnesium in sea salt is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Soaking in a warm sea salt bath for at least 20 minutes is beneficial. 
  • Sleep – again…magnesium rules! In a bath, the body soaks up the goodness and cultivates tiredness.
  • Smooth skin – exfoliation removes dead skin. The light massaging action helps move lymph (if you don’t scrub too deeply – the lymph system is right below the skin and above the muscle)
  • Dry skin – soak for 15-20 minutes in a warm salt bath, dry off and apply a certified organic lotion to lock in the moisture.
  • Pets – don’t leave your furry babies out. Let them play in the ocean, if available.  You can also make a spritzer bottle of water and sea salt to help with dry skin and dander.

Check out this blog I wrote on grounding. The simple act of being barefoot in the sand can assist the body in moving free electrons into the body while eliminating free radicals. Again, the sea heals…physically, mentally and spiritually, for me. When I’m in the presence of the ocean, the sea breeze and the sand, I am at peace and feel connected to this miraculous panacea!

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