Navigating the internship offer process


You’ve put in the work – sending out countless resumes and perfecting your answers to questions like, “tell me about yourself,” and now it’s all paid off – the job offers are coming in. You thought the hard part was over, but now you have a big decision to make. How do you decide which offer to accept? We turned to the experts - a panel of current and former SAS interns - to hear how they made their decision. 

Our moderator, Takeyshia Enoch, from the SAS Recruiting team, posed thought-provoking questions that we hope you’ll find helpful as you make your own decision. Meet a few of our panelists: 



To kick things offLindsay Whitfielda rockstar on the SAS recruiting team, offered a few tips to consider when assessing an offer:  

  1. The Work: Think about what’s important to you. Does the work make you happy/fulfilled? What are you passionate about? What motivates you?  
  2. Culture/Environment: Consider the environment and people. 54% of your waking hours are spent at work so you should enjoy the people you work with and the environment you work in! If you don’t enjoy the people and the culture, the salary may not matter. 
  3. Total Compensation: Look at the “total package.” Salary is just one piece of the pie. Don’t forget about 401(k), time off, benefits, tuition reimbursement, culture, etc. Make a list of what matters to you.  
  4. Seek Advice: Ask a trusted source for advice– family, friends, career advisor, or mentor – someone you trust to help you think through your decision.  

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Navigating the process 

Once you make it to the actual interview, then what? 

Take a deep breath and calm those nerves. You made it to this stageAaron offered this advice, “SAS has recognized your talents so now it’s time to speak your truths. Show them what you can do. Remember that if a company chooses you, it’s because they believe in you and trust you can do the job. 

How did you make your decision? 

Build a network and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Lindy used LinkedIn to search for college alumni who worked at SAS and asked if they would be willing to talk with her about their experience. Every single one of them responded and provided helpful insights that really stood out as something special about the company. Whether it’s a mentor, friends, or family, they can help you think it through. Lindy said, “My Dad’s best advice was that if you find something you love doing, you won’t actually be working. I feel like I have truly found that at SAS. 

What was the defining moment that made you decide to work/intern at SAS? 

Our panelists really narrowed it down to two things: 

  • The Work: It’s not about coffee runs and busywork. Vatslav shared how he took over and managed a project that others on the team were hesitant to do. He really enjoyed the project, which later became his first full-time job. Lindy thought no one would attend her virtual booth at the Intern Expo (think giant Science Fair where interns showcase their summer project) but 40 people showed up from Research and Developmentasked questions, and ended up using her project. She realized that her work had meaning and was making a difference.  
  • The People: Everyone agreed that the SAS community was a standout. People care about your development and were always willing to take time to help you. It’s truly a One SAS, family type feeling. A great example was shared by Lindy, who had connected with a college alum working at SAS on LinkedIn. The alum invited her to dinner (pre-COVID) and offered to give her a tour of the SAS campus. Not only was the campus impressive, but the ability to make personal connections were invaluable. 

Once you accepted your offer, how do you get engaged in the work? 

Your intern searching journey may have ended, but a new journey has begun. Make the most of your time by staying curious – learn as much as you can and don’t be afraid to try new things. Connect with people. Sruthi shared how she picks two new people to meet with every week over a virtual 15-minute coffee chat. This has been especially helpful for working remotely during the pandemic to stay connected and has helped her lean more about the company. Find out what they do at the company to learn about the different types of positions.  

Thanks to all our panelists for their great advice and good luck to all of you on the intern/career search. If you’d like to check out more info, visit the SAS intern website. 


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