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Assessing a company from the outside can be tricky business – but it shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re pulling back the curtain on the #saslife. From our values to our vision for the future, we’re giving a transparent look at what it’s really like to work here.

We kicked off the series with a deep dive into our culture, and today we’ll chat a bit more in-depth about our values.

Our Values

Our values aren’t new – we’ve always held true to the principles that make us who we are– but a few years ago, we knew it was time to put pen to paper and put “the code” into words. We wanted to define the fundamental qualities that make SAS, well… SAS!

We started at the source – our people. We asked folks from around the world to share what they value most about how we work and act, and how our culture influences their day-to-day life. We also heard from our company leaders, and looked back at what our founder and CEO, Jim Goodnight, has said makes SAS a great place to work and do business with. We also looked to the principles that have been core to who we are since the beginning, and those that will continue to move us forward. And of course, we listened to what our customers say about working with us!

In the end, we identified 4 core values that span across all departments, regions and job titles: Accountable, Authentic, Curious and Passionate. Let’s unpack these!

Accountable, Authentic, Passionate, Curious. Accountable

We’re responsible, we do things right, and we exceed what’s expected.


We’re genuine, we’re transparent, and we lead with integrity.


We’re relentless problem solvers, unafraid to challenge assumptions by being creative and forward-thinking.


We’re committed to excellence in everything we do, and we thrive on meaningful work.

Core to who we are

Our values aren’t just words on a screen- they’re our internal operating model. They influence everything we do, from the software we create to the decisions we make. They also tell our customers what they can expect when they interact with us.

Our values set the tone for our work, and we hire to them, reward to them and live them every day.

As you can probably tell, our values are a pretty big deal around here! You’ll see them around our offices and even on some of our employees’ social media accounts. They serve as a constant reminder of who we are and where we’re going, and unify us as a global company.

In the software industry, the market is always changing – but when we’re guided by values that stand the test of time, we’re able to innovate and react to change in extraordinary ways, with exceptional results.

Stay tuned for more! In the meantime, let us know in the comments – what values are important to you? And if you’re a SAS employee, how do you live out our company values?


Don’t just take our word from it – our people have amazing stories to tell. Check out how our Recreation and Fitness center had a little fun and translated our values to a fitness routine, and search #SASlife on social media to hear from our employees firsthand.


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