From Service to Software: Michael Orlando's Career at SAS


At SAS, we recognize and appreciate the valuable skills and experience that veterans, active military and military families bring to our workforce. We honor the service of military families, and actively support our employees in their transition from the military to the civilian corporate work environment.

Today, hear about how our own Michael Orlando, a Sr. Technology Software Analyst, brought his skills to SAS after a 25+ year career in the military.

Dedication to Country

From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to serve in the military. My military career started on a clear, crisp night in December of 1988. I’d just finished a year in the delayed enlistment program, and was excited to begin serving in active duty.

From 1988 to 2015, I had the privilege of being stationed on 5 different bases, and spent significant time at four others. I began my career as a jet engine mechanic, and then transitioned to a C-5 flight engineer. Eventually, I took a job as a C-130 specialist flight chief, combining the skills I’d honed in the two previous roles. I worked on five different airframes (C-141, C-5, C-17, KC-135, and C-130s) and traveled to over 35 countries.

After participating in operation Desert Shield/Storm, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Vigilant Warrior, Distant Runner, Noble Eagle and various humanitarian efforts around the world, I hung up my boots on February 2, 2015.

Starting a new chapter

In 2009, I had the opportunity to begin working with SAS as a contractor with our global IT organization. I was later offered a permanent position, and I jumped at the chance to become a part of the SAS family!

My time in the military prepared me well for my current role as a senior software licensing analyst. From records and data organization and working with global teams, to juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time, I’ve found that many of the skills I learned in the military have translated well to my career at SAS.

SAS Military Network

When I started at SAS, I quickly became involved with the SAS Military Network, one of our employee inclusion groups. Called “VETS” for short, the group exists to build a sense of community among the military employee population and other employees who are connected to the military, whether they’re in the national guard or reserves, a veteran, military spouse, dependent or proud supporter.

We host social events, engage in community outreach and support at military recruitment events, as well as support other transitioning service members. It’s important to me to give back to other veterans and members of the community, and I’m looking forward to the events we have planned for this year!

Supported by SAS

Michael Orlando, Senior Technology Software Analyst

When I started at SAS, I was at the end of my military career. Although my time in the service was winding down, it was one of the most time-consuming periods of my life. I was still serving as a flight chief responsible for 6 specialist shops (jet engine, hydraulic, electro-environmental, communications and navigation) and had over 50 direct reports. SAS and my team and manager were extremely supportive and made sure that I was able to balance my work at SAS, military obligations and family life.

Veterans and military spouses have so much to offer employers. The skills gained in the military – teamwork, work ethic, problem solving and leadership (just to name a few) – are a great asset to companies in any industry.

I’m proud to work for a company that recognizes and appreciates the skills that veterans and military families bring to the table, and backs that up by recruiting, hiring and developing military talent.


Thanks, Michael, for sharing your story! Curious about how we support the military community? Check out our webpage.


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  1. Michael, I feel privileged to learn about this part of your life. You have had a impactful and wide-ranging experience in the military. Thank you for serving and sharing.

  2. Hey Michael! I was so happy to read this article and that you shared your story with all of us. On this Veterans Day, we thank you for your service and dedication.

    - Wlad

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