Stories of the #SASLife: Yo-Pro Edition


At SAS, we’re proud to have a multidimensional and multi-generational workforce. Our CEO, Dr. Jim Goodnight, says it best: “We believe a diverse workforce brings unique talents and inspires teams to create software that changes the world. Great minds don’t always think alike, so we make it a priority to promote an environment where varied perspectives are encouraged.”

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More than 25% of our workforce are millennials, and Gen Zers are already starting to graduate and enter the workforce too. We want to show our commitment to engaging and supporting young professionals as they start their career journeys. One way we help newcomers find a community is through our Young Professionals Network (YPN) Employee Inclusion Group (EIG). The YPN was created by employees and provides opportunities for development, community volunteerism and social networking.

With so many resources for growth and development, our young professionals have lots of stories to share! From interns to recent grads to YPN members, these folks are sharing the #saslife through the yo-pro lens. Check out their stories and share what speaks to you! #lovewhereyouwork

To the Company I Grew Up With, Thank You by Pauline Ashcraft

“As a millennial, I’m seeing my friends constantly change jobs and never stay at a company more than a couple years. At SAS, I can find the challenges I need and the opportunities to grow in-house.”

Why I’m Devoted to Data by Jenna Pedersen

“As I spent much of my childhood in hospitals with my brother as he received and recovered from a bone marrow transplant, and then more time later on as I had my own personal battle with thyroid cancer, I’ve become extremely motivated to use data to come up with a way to decide the best treatment for each patient.”

“If you treat your employees like they make a difference, they will.” by Alec Sucaldito

“Each and every question I have asked has not only been met with an answer but an opportunity to put that new knowledge into action and contribute to results.”

How a Summer of Lemurs and Analytics Helped Me Find My Voice by Briana Ullman

“In meetings, in conversations with coworkers, in our new group project, I was encouraged to think outside the boundaries of what rules already existed. The biggest way I was able to enact this change was, believe it or not, through lemurs.”

Curriculum Pathways: The Intern’s Tale by Gaby Matalon

“My work at Curriculum Pathways, a role I was already passionate about, was transformed when I saw the reactions of the teachers. My team's work had a real-world impact on classrooms! I left that day feeling proud and grateful for the opportunity to help teachers all around the world educate their students in the most innovative and engaging way possible.”


Check out #saslife on social media to see more stories from our employees. If you’re curious about other ways we collaborate with a cross-generational workforce, check out our website.



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