Curriculum Pathways: The Intern's Tale


Curriculum Pathways summer interns Tasneem Bootwala, Gaby Matalon, and Rachel Nisbet.

As an intern for Curriculum Pathways this last summer, I have spent my days learning about the resources from the inside out. As I settled in, I became familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Curriculum Pathways process: who makes the resources, how we code our lessons, and what we do to promote our amazing offerings. I could see the hard work and hundreds of moving parts it takes to keep Curriculum Pathways running (and innovating) every day! Like my team members, I was soon caught up in the creative process: I understood the importance of the work we were doing, but the impact was never so striking as when I got the opportunity to see teachers and children directly engage with our product.

"This is really all free?" asked a teacher in the middle of our presentation at a North Carolina Beginning Teachers Summit event. Yes, it really is: a fact that astounds me each and every day. As the presentation continued, I heard whispers from other teachers: "This is amazing! We could definitely use this in our classroom." You could see their minds churning as they worked to envision our resources embedded in their classrooms. My work at Curriculum Pathways, a role I was already passionate about, was transformed when I saw the reactions of the teachers. My team's work had a real-world impact on classrooms! I left that day feeling proud and grateful for the opportunity to help teachers all around the world educate their students in the most innovative and engaging way possible.

Flash-forward to the second-to-last week of my internship. It was a normal Thursday morning when my team and I took a break from our spreadsheets, emails, and meetings to have some fun with bubbles. We were headed to camp! Over the next hour, we completed a bubble lab, engaging ten- to twelve-year olds in an experiment about cohesion, the meniscus, and which type of soap would blow the biggest bubble. I had placed my bets on Solution #2, but each of the campers around me had their own predictions.

Curriculum Pathways Lab: Fun with Bubbles

We began mixing and measuring, creating four unique solutions in order to test which one would produce the biggest bubbles. As the kids raced to measure their results, I was content to watch the joy spread over their faces. Unfortunately, our experiment had to wind down, and I began to clean up the mess our bubbles had become. The campers were off to their next activities, but I could still hear their voices as they asked each of their friends about the lab: "I blew the biggest bubble with Solution #4. What about you?"

I looked up and saw one last camper waiting behind. She thanked us for coming to camp and teaching the lab. You could see the passion she had for learning as she explained her love for science and her involvement in the science decathlon at her school.

These moments represent what Curriculum Pathways is all about: providing free resources for any and all students with a hunger to learn.

As I got back to my desk, I had a Skype message from Rachel, my fellow intern who had planned the event: "Doesn't what we do rock?"

Yes, Rachel, it really does. And moments like these, when I get to see children and teachers discovering the magic of Curriculum Pathways, make her point even more obvious.

Want to learn more about all that Curriculum Pathways has to offer? Check out the Fun with Bubbles lab to find out which solution blows the biggest bubble! And watch this video to learn about the newest Curriculum Pathways resource - Crio!


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Gaby Matalon

Gaby Matalon is a rising senior at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in Information Science. She has spent the summer interning for the amazing Curriculum Pathways team.

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