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Music is the beat of my life! Ever since I was little I was dancing around the house and singing. Remember when you could go to an amusement park and do a video while lip syncing? That’s right – me at about 9 or 10 years old singing and dancing to Madonna’s Like a Virgin!  My parents loved music and that’s where I get it from. We always sang in the car, danced around while dusting the house, had music playing outside on a boom box while swimming, etc. Music has played a major part in my life both as a child and now.

dancing-to-wii-225x300Since I’m no longer on a high school dance team or a little girl in pigtails dancing on the bed, music plays a different part in my life. The number one thing that comes to mind is my everyday life. My son is now growing up with his mother singing in the car (as is he!) all the way to school or the store. We love dancing to the Wii too!

Songs just constantly pop in my head and pick up my spirits, cause me to tap my toes, get up and dance and clean a little too! Whether music is playing in the background or playing inside my head, you’ll always find me humming, singing, and dancing around. I feel happier and more alive when I listen to music. I’m that funny person you see dancing in the car as you drive down the road. I’ve been known to also choreograph some dance/aerobics classes while driving!

When it comes to my workouts, I’ve found that songs with a good heavy beat are the best to help push me through. When you are out on the road for a long run all by yourself you need something that will help keep your feet hitting the pavement (or grass). I love Metallica (which is a great concert!), 80’s hard rock, Linkin Park, etc. Now strength training might bring a little something different to my day. Sometimes I’m in a dancing mood while lifting so I’ll put on some 80’s hits, Michael Jackson, or more current pop dance songs. But after all that I need to slow it down for my cool down and stretching. Michael Buble is perfect for this! I always have songs that I know all the words to (or at least in my head I know all the right words). But, I do hate it when the original artist changes the words on me! Has that ever happened to you?

my-ipod-e1446483310295-300x191This iPod is my life line when it comes to my workouts. I’m a person that needs music for my workouts, for when I clean the house, when I drive, and just to be happy! I couldn’t imagine my life without music. You name it, I’ve probably got it on my iPod. Hard rock, pop, 60’s, 70’s, country, 80’s, aerobics music (...aerobics instructor!), and so on. Well...maybe not bluegrass, really twangy country or super slow music, but that might work for you. Scientifically speaking, music has the ability to change our mood, increase or decrease our energy level and inspire.  Here are some of my go-to songs that get me move'n and groovin' .  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

American Girl – Tom Petty
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves – Cher
1999 – Prince
Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
Runaway – Del Shannon
Come With Me Now – Kongos
We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel
Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon
Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night
Pretty Young Thing (PYT) – Michael Jackson
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Jungle Love – Morris Day and the Time
You Dropped A Bomb On Me – The Gap Band
Rude – Magic!

What songs INSPIRE you to move?


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Lisa Hinkle

Assistant Manager, Recreation & Fitness Center

Lisa has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, doing everything from teaching group exercise to performing fitness tests on factory line workers in car assembly plants. She received her Master’s in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion from Miami University in Oxford, OH. After working in a hospital-based fitness facility in South Bend, Indiana, a job at Duke University’s Center for Living brought her here to North Carolina. Lisa has been with SAS for almost 13 years and is currently the Assistant Manager at the Recreation & Fitness Center. She loves showing people that exercise can be fun and should be a part of their daily lives. Lisa stays active with her wonderful husband and middle school son through soccer and running races together. She is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, a certified rehabilitation specialist through the National Endurance Sports Trainers Association, and a certified group exercise and Pilates instructor.

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