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Blogger-in-Chief at Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (OCDQ)

Jim Harris is a recognized data quality thought leader with 25 years of enterprise data management industry experience. Jim is an independent consultant, speaker, and freelance writer. Jim is the Blogger-in-Chief at Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality, an independent blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality and its related disciplines, including data governance, master data management, and business intelligence.

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  1. Nice analogy Jim. This point that you and Andrew White have made is self-evident to a degree where there should be no need to make it. However, it seems to me that even with the increasing all pervasiveness of data, most organizations treat it as an IT issue. This means that the people working tend to be technical people who are more concerned about metrics and analytics rather than business objectives.
    The only way to tackle this problem is to get a greater buy-in from business leaders, not just in terms of green lighting data governance projects, but also getting involved in the project themselves.

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