Tracking and analyzing Tweets from SAS’ annual analyst conference


For two days in Early March (March 7-8), we hosted forty-eight of the industry’s most influential analysts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for SAS’ annual analyst conference.

Collectively, the analysts generated more than 2,000 tweets – the bulk of which were created in a single day – the day our executive team and customers provided candid insights into how software is being used and where they see the market going.

To make sense of all this data, we used SAS Social Media Analytics to track all the tweeting throughout the day. (Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jim Davis joked to the audience, “Go check it out. Look at your sentiment and see whether we pay for dinner tonight or you.”)

The solution allowed us to continuously monitor the Twitter stream during the event. And later, we used the solution to identify topic clusters, order of importance and frequency of tweets. Of the tweets collected, the following are the top-10 clusters, with the percentage by topic:

  1. Good year for SAS – solution growth (17 percent).
  2. Social customer relationship management – hard to do, SAS has great offer (14 percent).
  3. Hot areas – analytics, fraud, risk, CI, BI and government (7 percent).
  4. Partners/competition – influence and expectations (7 percent).
  5. Mobile applications – Roambi, iPhone, iPad and fit for task (6 percent).
  6. Teradata acquisition – comments from SAS executives on Teradata’s purchase of Aster Data (6 percent).
  7. Russ Cobb – local, regional, and global marketing plans and challenges (5 percent).
  8. Randy Guard – product roadmaps, decision management, rules and workflow (5 percent).
  9. Data integration – challenges and linkage to BI and enterprise resource planning (4 percent).
  10. SAS Social Media Analytics – directions, use of analytics and roadmap (4 percent).

Want to hear more? Read What the analysts are saying about SAS in 2011. This great recap provides excerpts from, and links to, some of the best analyst blog posts from the event.


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Jonathan currently leads a team of marketers focused on message and global direction for SAS' solutions in the areas of Customer Intelligence, Performance Management and the SMB market. He is fascinated with understanding the future and how behavior, culture and communication influence strategic outcomes. Jonathan is the author of “Radical Action for Radical Times: Expert Advice for Creating Business Opportunity in Good or Bad Economic Times”

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