New Coca-Cola Facebook scam reminds us that common sense is a good thing

0 is a great place to keep up-to-date on the happenings in social media, and their @Mashable Twitter account is my personal social media canary-in-the-coal mine. Today they're warning us about a new Facebook scam centered around a video that promises to reveal the "truth" about Coca-Cola. If you click on it, it will eventually ask you to provide the kind of personal information that all scams ask for.

Don't do that.

"What? Another social media scam? We should just block all social media!"

We used to say that about email, remember? And about the Web. And before that, about pop-up toasters. "Why, toasting bread on a stick before a fire was good enough for my grandparents. Who needs these newfangled devices that steal our souls?"

Yes, I know that's a terrible analogy, but I enjoyed it, and I'm in a hurry.

Just like in email, and on the Web, don't click on anything on a social media site that you don't trust. Don't trust it unless you know where it came from. If it came from a friend and it looks fishy, don't click on it. If you click on it and it asks your for your log-in information, don't give it.

photo by jepoirrier


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