Video: Chris Brogan talks about the value and measurement of social media


A few weeks ago I posted 'Chris Brogan Talks About Making Social Media Happen in Your Company', the fourth (of six) Chris Brogan videos taped when Chris was at our headquarters in Cary, NC.

In this video, the fifth in this series, SAS' Deb Orton interviews Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs. Chris, channeling his ‘stunt double’ Katie Paine, discusses how to measure social media effectiveness and how to set objectives for using social media in marketing.

Enjoy the video. And stay tuned. We'll post the final segment from this interview series soon, and we'll continue this series with new interviews from SAS practitioners in the coming months.



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  1. Oliver Jones on

    Social Media is a total minefield but given the right advice it can be a fantastic tool for promotion. Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, Youtube all bring millions of dollars in for businesses every year through their ability to hit large numbers of people. I think we are still only in the very early stages.

  2. I agree, utilising social media is becoming more and more mainstream for many business's willing to take the plunge and give it a go.
    When it works, it REALLY works!!.. and when it fails, well you can always try again. I think many business's fail to see the potential and don't even bother giving it a go, which is a shame as they are losing out on the rapidly growing social media 'boom' that is sweeping across the internet.

  3. I appreciate your sentiment on the "social media minefield" - as my company has contibuted but never profited from this phenomenon. We've definitely gained exposure through Youtube (unmeasured) but our spending at Facebook and sweat equity spent @ Twitter has never materialized.

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