David Cosgrave
Director, Pre-sales

David leads SAS’s Customer Intelligence team in South EMEA. Over 15 years of experience in CRM and Customer Engagement has given him deep insights into how to delight customers and build brand loyalty. David helps large enterprises across the region to use their customer data to build insights and empower action to deliver world-class customer experiences. Connect with David on Twitter at @davidcosgrave.

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Real-time customer experience: Accessing the whole picture

Real-time customer experience is a vital driver of growth. Acting in real-time, armed with the most up-to-date information about your customer, can hugely improve customer experience. Many of SAS’s customers have generated significant competitive advantage from trying to align closer with the real-life experiences of their customers. But how many

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How to Pokemon Go-to-Market

Has there ever been an app that’s captured the world’s imagination as quickly as Pokemon Go? The usage statistics are mind-blowing, and whether or not the world has reached “peak Pokemon Go” yet, this will doubtless be a short-lived fad. But this could be the app that brings augmented reality and

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One-to-One heißt individuelle Ansprache – selbst bei eineiigen Zwillingen

Neulich habe ich mit Kollegen die kleinen, feinen Unterschiede diskutiert, die es innerhalb sehr fein definierter Kundensegmente gibt. Da ist mir die Werbung einer amerikanischen Bank wieder eingefallen: Sie zeigt Bilder von eineiigen Zwillingen, die einen Altersunterschied von nur zehn Minuten haben. Die Werbung zeigte, welch große Auswirkungen selbst eine