Arun C. Murthy
Apache Hadoop PMC member & Hortonworks Founder, Hortonworks

Arun is a Apache Hadoop PMC member and has been a full time contributor to the project since the inception in 2006. He is also the lead of the MapReduce project and has focused on building NextGen MapReduce (YARN). Prior to co-founding Hortonworks, Arun was responsible for all MapReduce code and configuration deployed across the 42,000+ servers at Yahoo!. In essence, he was responsible for running Apache Hadoop’s MapReduce as a service for Yahoo!. Also, he jointly holds the current world sorting record using Apache Hadoop. Follow Arun on Twitter: @acmurthy.

Arun C. Murthy 0
SAS high-performance capabilities with Hadoop YARN

For Hadoop to be successful as part of the modern data architecture, it needs to integrate with existing tools. This integration allows you to reuse existing resources (licenses and personnel) and is typically 60% of the evaluation criteria for integration of Hadoop into the data center. One of the most